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Duck Tape, Pork Rinds Partner for Truck Driver Appreciation

Duck Tape, Pork Rinds Partner for Truck Driver Appreciation

PRSA Award Winners!

Rudolph Foods, maker of pork rinds, and long-time agency RMD Advertising teamed up with Shurtape Technologies’ Duck Tape brand to engage truck drivers, increase brand awareness, and drive product sales.

“We celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW), last year on a smaller scale,” explains Amanda Helmstetter, Rudolph Foods’ marketing and innovation manager. “Truck drivers are in and out of our facilities every day, and our products don’t get anywhere without them. We wanted to thank them and step up the campaign a notch this year.”

A contest calling for video, photo, or written responses to the prompt: “Three things I always have in my truck are pork rinds, duck tape, and …..” engaged truckers leading up to NTDAW (September 16-22).

Microsite media and blogger relations, social media outreach, and event attendance also drove awareness and engagement.

Duck Tape promoted the campaign in numerous ways, including on its online properties. Sue Reninger, the agency’s managing partner, explains that Duck Tape generally reaches a younger audience than Rudolph Foods and the partnership really helped extend reach.

A news release announced the campaign to trucking-related trade publications, radio programs, and bloggers in mid-June. Truckers were directly targeted on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as at all Rudolph Foods’ facilities.

Contest entries were accepted during July on the microsite and on Rudolph Foods’ Facebook page.

About 12 truckers and bloggers, various truck stops, and truck driver associations spread the word via tweets and Facebook posts provided by the PR team.

PR team members also promoted the campaign at Ohio truck stops; at the Expedite Expo held July 27-28 in Ohio; and at the Big Iron Classic convention held September 7-8 in Minnesota.

Consumers voted online for their favorite contest submissions between August 1 and September 15. Winners were announced online September 17. The grand prize was a year’s supply of both pork rinds and duck tape and $1,500 cash.

Helmstetter reports sales were up over the course of the campaign (double-digit increases in some categories) compared to the same time last year.

The contest drew more than 600 entries (the goal was 500).

Contest videos drew more than 10,500 views on YouTube alone.

July to September, traffic was up 20% compared to the same months in 2011.

The campaign also generated 836,593 Facebook impressions; more than 1,950 new likes; and 41 media placements (more than 9.2 million impressions). Outlets covering the story included The Dave Nemo Show, Dallas Observer, and RoadKing Magazine.

A “Second Annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day” campaign launched October 1.

Forward-Thinking Foodie Agency Recognized with Three Awards

Forward-Thinking Foodie Agency Recognized with Three Awards

RMD Advertising Honored with Three Davey Awards

RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, has been honored with three Silver awards from The International Davey Awards, announced October 26, 2012.  Out of 4,000 entries, The Davey Awards honors remarkable creative work from small firms and agencies worldwide in several categories.  RMD’s recognition is attributed to the agency’s distinctive strategies that result in noteworthy client success within the food industry.

RMD was recognized in two categories, Food/Beverage and Email Marketing, and was awarded 3 Silver Awards for their exemplary creativity.  The Silver Award in the Food/Beverage category went to Rudolph Foods for the radio spot ‘Fashion Statement.’  Two Silver awards were given in the Email Marketing category for Allens Vegetables’ E-Newsletter “Veggie E-mail” and Dei Fratelli’s Enewsletter “On the Vine.”

“We are thrilled to be recognized from The Davey Awards for our creative work – it shows our continuing efforts to push our creative minds and creative products forward,” said Donn Ditzhazy, Managing Partner and Creative Director, RMD Advertising. “Recognition from The Davey Awards fuels our inspiration to constantly generate new ideas that will ensure our food clients go beyond creative boundaries each and every day.”

Life As An RMD Advertising Intern

Life As An RMD Advertising Intern

Being an intern can evokeRMD Advertising Intern a variety of emotions from excitement to stress and everything in between.  Being in a new environment can be scary, but it is important to embrace the opportunity you are presented with and jump in feet first.

Life in an advertising agency is fast-paced, exciting, stressful, and fascinating all in one.  There are always deadlines to be made, work to be done, and clients to please, which keeps everyone on their toes at all times.  Something can come up at any moment and you need to be prepared to jump in and help diffuse the situation at any time.

5 things that I have learned thus far at RMD Advertising:

1. Time management – it is important to prioritize your tasks. Understanding which tasks are time critical, which are best to be done in the morning vs. afternoon, and which need to be re-prioritized in order to complete other tasks that may come up.
2. Stress management – life can get stressful in an agency. It is important to know when to take a deep breath and keep on going or when you need to take a step back and regroup.  Managing your stress will allow your days to run much smoother!
3. Ask questions & take (lots & lots of) notes! – If you don’t know something, just ask! Someone will be willing to help point you in the right direction. Also, take lots of notes so you can refer to them in the future to get the tasks done.
4. Learn from your mistakes – nobody is perfect and as an intern, you are bound to make mistakes.  When a mistake is made, let everyone know, do what you can to fix the problem, and/or offer your help in finding a solution! Learning from your mistakes will help you grow both personally and professionally.
4. Explore your strengths & weaknesses – find out what you excel in and in what areas you could use more work. Soak up every opportunity you have to learn everything you can about an ad agency to find out where your strengths really lie.

In order to succeed, it is important to remember that you aren’t always going to have the answers. It is important to do the best work you can do and ask for help when it is needed.  Be confident in who you are and the work you produce, enjoy what you do, and never stop smiling!



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