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Planks, Pranks and How RMD Ranks

Planks, Pranks and How RMD Ranks

RMD is all about the good mojo and a culture centered on taking care of our clients and taking care of our team. We talk a lot about our clients, but what about the culture dynamic among our team members makes RMD so special?

One thing we do at RMD that sets us apart from the rest, is we believe fully in changing your state. Any time we feel the energy is at a lull, we pick ourselves up and initiate a dance party or a plank. When we call for a plank, the whole team gets up and heads to the center of the office where we get on our elbows and count to 60. Why? Tony Robbins talks about the importance of maintaining your state here.

In order to keep our team members on their toes, we’ve been known to pull a prank or two. As a food agency, we always have food handy. So whether we’re hiding jelly beans in the Digital team’s desk, or wrapping a team member’s desk like a Christmas present for Secret Santa, you’ll be sure to hear some laughter throughout the building.

Our office culture allows for RMDers to get moving, get into a positive headspace and conquer stress with laughter. If this sounds like you, you may have what it takes to be an RMDer.

Giving Kids Ho Ho Ho Hope

Giving Kids Ho Ho Ho Hope


Wagon Build Day

Nine years ago, RMD Advertising dreamed big. The agency’s team members took the first step in what would become the company’s largest charitable initiative. It all stemmed from a simple desire: to give their clients a holiday gift that would stand out from the typical corporate gift.

So, the agency took the money earmarked for client gifts and bought 25 red wagons, filled each with food and distributed them throughout the community to local Columbus families in dire need.

Wagons Ho Ho Ho began with that simple mission in mind. We’ve grown since that first year. Last year, our Wagoneers donated 4,300 pounds of food to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and built a total of 800 wagons. This year, we’ll call on the Central Ohio community to help us build and distribute 1,000 sturdy wagons – our largest initiative to date. But we’ll also fill each one with enough food to feed a family of four Christmas dinner.
and 2,400 Christmas dinners all assembled in one day. Over 600 volunteers make this possible.

How does one 501(c)3 organization mobilize a group of over 600 volunteers and inspire the Columbus community to donate enough nonperishable food to feed nearly 4,000 Ohioans in need? Powerful marketing, lean, targeted messaging, smart event marketing and word of mouth certainly play a critical role.

Marketing to the head and the heart

Wagons Ho Ho Ho is an enormous responsibility, and without the support of our volunteers and the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, it wouldn’t be possible. With strategic and targeted marketing efforts, our grassroots initiatives have fostered a giving and selfless community that has made Wagons Ho Ho Ho’s annual Build Day more than simply eight hours during which we assemble wagons.

Build Day is now an event that epitomizes the spirit of the holidays. It reminds volunteers that what they contribute is unique. On that day, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank turns into Santa’s workshop and strangers work side by side, working towards one goal and becoming friends in the process.

We’re proud of this accomplishment. We realize that providing a gift and a meal on Christmas is important, but what is really important to us is what each wagon represents to its recipients … hope. It’s our way of showing these children that there is a community of people who care about them during the biggest holiday of the year.

Each local radio interview, television segment, printed story and event Wagons Ho Ho Ho participates in is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with the next potential Wagoneer. While we share the harrowing facts of Ohio’s food insecurity and the daunting need of families in the area, we are also keenly aware of our story.

Marketing Wagons Ho Ho Ho as a brand has required us to approach each piece of content created as a vehicle for communicating our story, celebrating the people behind our strong but mighty nonprofit and our hopes for the future. By concentrating our media opportunities to the months leading up to the annual Build Day, we have been able to saturate the local airwaves with our story … and in return, have continued to inspire volunteers to proudly step forward and call themselves Wagoneers.

Our story:

Can a wagon really change a child’s life? We think so. And it takes just one voice to help a family know they have a supportive community of caring neighbors behind them.

Today, the face of the hunger has changed. 1 in 6 in Ohio experience food insecurity, meaning they don’t know where their next meal will come from. These are your neighbors and your co-workers. Sometimes, it is a matter of having to sacrifice dinner one day a week. It may even mean having to choose between buying food or medicine for a sick child. If they are struggling to buy food, how can they buy Christmas gifts for their children?

On Build Day this Saturday, December 3rd, we’ll once again open the doors to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and invite over 600 hard working Wagoneers to bag food, build wagons and send each delivery off with our dedicated distribution partners. With music, plenty of food and laughter filling each corner of the room, it’s plain to see – this is a special event not only for the recipients of the wagons, but also for the builders themselves.

Wagons Ho Ho Ho has two major needs:
Donations. Wagons Ho Ho Ho is a one hundred percent volunteer-run charity. All money raised purchases wagons and food to fill those wagons. Corporate sponsorships, matching programs and, of course, individual support helps with our mission. Without the love of the Columbus community, Wagons Ho Ho Ho certainly would not be where it is today.

Food. Our hope is to fill each wagon with all the ingredients needed to feed local families in need Christmas dinner. However, the hunger doesn’t stop there. We would like to invite the community to donate to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank year-round.
Every volunteer who touches Wagons Ho Ho Ho, whether by donating food, funds or their time, is an important part of the Wagons team. Won’t you consider becoming a full-fledged Wagoneer? Visit to learn more, and help to give a child HOPE for today and the future.

Nothing scary about these food brands

Nothing scary about these food brands


When you’ve been around for more than 23 years, you develop a lot of traditions. Some strange. Some a bit quirky. But all definitely creative. And halloween is the perfect time to showcase our agency’s creative side while giving a nod to the industry we serve … food brands. It’s also a wonderful time to honor a few of our client brands as well. Happy halloween and remember, the only thing scary about this day? When food brands don’t work with RMD.

Donn’s passion for food began while growing up in the culturally diverse city of Detroit. Experiencing the wonderful flavors of the city taught him that there’s more to life than the same old same old.   Today, Donn takes that same approach with the creative direction of the agency. 


And the Mojo Award goes to ….

And the Mojo Award goes to ….

Each week, RMD Advertising honors a team member that has gone beyond the ‘call of duty’ – whether that’s uncovering a solution to a stubborn client service issue, a charitable act or simply a nice gesture toward another team member. This prestigious award is called the Mojo Award and it’s given during our Friday morning team meeting.

The big prize? The all powerful cup of coffee. I know what you may be thinking, a Starbucks card is no big deal. But it’s not just the hot cup of java that we’re giving … it’s the public attitude of gratitude for a being a great member of our team. This is something RMD is proud to be built upon.

RMDMojoAnd to that we say, that cup of coffee smells a lot like success. Congratulations Amanda for digging into SEO at yet ANOTHER level, asking critical questions and leading us to think in a whole new direction. You’re our Week 3 winner!
Donn Ditzhazy, Executive Director

Happy National Hot Dog Month!

Happy National Hot Dog Month!

America’s favorite meat! Every year in July, food brands come out in force to celebrate this festive food month. Yes, it is once again National Hot Dog Month! Let’s celebrate!

To honor the dog … we thought it befitting to share our big 3 list; those attributes that RMD Advertising has in common with the All-American Hot Dog. Here goes …

RMD Advertising Our Team Hot Dog FridayRMD Hot Dogs

1. The hot dog loves baseball. We do too! Each summer our team building is a night out at the Clippers game. Fans of the game and of beer alike, you’ll find us snapping photos, goofing around and indulging in a dog or two.

2. Folks LOVE hot dogs. In fact, 35 million pounds of hot dogs are eaten each year. The average American eats 50 hot dogs a year. That’s a lot of weiners! RMD does its best to put a dent in that number during our summertime hot dog Fridays. We’ve yet to make it to the Guiness Book of World Records for the most hot dog eaten on a given Friday, but we estimate that we chomp on approximately 60 pounds of dogs a year. Since we’ve been celebrating RMD Hot Dog Fridays, we estimate that we’ve consumed approximately 600 pounds of dogs. Wow! That’s a lot of meat!

3. Some things are just MADE for the dog. There are condiments and buns … and then there are toppings and breads made to cradle the dog. Slawsa is that world-class topping, and Klosterman Honey Wheat Buns are made for rockin’ the dog. We’re proud to say we work with both of these amazing family food brands. And yes, we would still enjoy the products if they weren’t our clients. (Delicious!)

Every agency has some “hot dogs” on the team (our creative team comes to mind). But we love them — and are proud to celebrate this special month with a toasted bun on Hot Dog Friday. Here’s to many more to come … long live summer! Grill on.

Mojo Running Team Wins Again!

Mojo Running Team Wins Again!

RMD Advertising MOJO Team Run

In the agency business, speed of work (with a heavy dose of smart thinking) is status quo. It’s what advertising is all about … It’s also in RMD’s culture . For many of us, running clears your head and lets you sweat it all out at the end of the day. Last Friday night was example of just that. Team RMD Mojo ran another 5k for charity. It wasn’t pretty, but we did it for our health, for our sanity and more importantly, for Children’s Hospital. To date, we have raised (though race fees) approximate $678 during this racing season — for various charities. It’s not a ton of dollars, but as they say, charity begins at home.

Brown Bag Lunches

Brown Bag Lunches

RMD Advertising Brown Bag Instagram Lunch!

Learning! Something we all need to do to continue to grow. At RMD we’ve started up an old tradition, Brown Bag Lunches! The best part about it? We cook together, eat together and learn together. The idea is for one team member to teach the rest of the team a subject they are “knowledgeable” about. A laid back lunch with a side of learning. This past week we tackled Instagram and some of the new additions to it and how we can all get a little better with our posts! What’s next?

Lessons From The “Road”

Lessons From The “Road”

RMD Advertising Runners!

Lessons from the running road … so true. One of the reasons we love running at RMD is that it gives us time together to challenge ourselves and have fun at the same time. The other reason? Running is a great metaphor for life.

We found this great article on 17 Lessons You Can Learn from Running. We really like #1, #4 and #5. How about you? Lace up. Let’s go.


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