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The best ads of the Big Game

The best ads of the Big Game

RMD Advertising talks the best ads of the Big Game

Ok, we’ve all talked about the best Super Bowl commercials and most certainly we’ve discussed the truly ugly ones. How about the commercials that got the job done in terms of connecting with their true audience? You know, the audience who will actually buy the product advertised. Here are my top 3 and why these unsung ad heroes are the true winners:

1. WeatherTech floor mats – nothing fancy here. No talking animals or shiny fast driving cars. Just a well produced spot that showcases the hard American worker making a product that isn’t terribly sexy. You can really see the pride in the faces of the employees. And yes, I want to buy from a company that takes pride in the product they sell.

2. Death Wish Coffee – this spot starts with a dramatic scene reminiscent of an action movie trailer. As a ship fights the elements at sea, you get drawn in. It’s tough, it’s scary and the best part, you pay attention … even as the scene unfolds to reveal the sea is actually coffee being guzzled by a caffeinated loving guy. As one party goer professed, “I want to try that coffee”.

3. Budweiser – we see images of regular beer drinkers enjoying America’s best-selling lager. It doesn’t have the cute puppies of past ads (the true Bud drinker never really cared about puppies anyways), but it does have the powerful iconic Clydesdales that gets your heart pumping. I loved the scene where a “seasoned” beer drinker flicks off the piece of fruit that’s wedged on the side of his glass. I imagined him saying, “it’s beer not a fruit salad”.

Donn’s passion for food began while growing up in the culturally diverse city of Detroit. Experiencing the wonderful flavors of the city taught him that there’s more to life than the same old same old. Today, Donn takes that same approach with the creative direction of the agency.


Trends kicking off Super Bowl 50

Trends kicking off Super Bowl 50

RMD Advertising talks Trends for the Big Game

From bold Super Bowl ads to sappy Valentine’s Day messages to the spirit of giving that makes Random Acts of Kindness Month so spectacular, February is a roller coaster of marketing endeavors.

For RMD, the start of February means two things: (1) Super Bowl ads and (2) #PorkRindDay.

While we’re at Radio Row mingling with our Gridiron Greats and Pork Rind Lovers in San Francisco, many Americans will be tuning in to the Super Bowl at home. While the big game is a time to celebrate great football, the ads have become a tradition that many of us look forward to as well.

Here are a few of the trends you’ll notice this year:

Family First: Super Bowl commercials that incorporate a sexy theme, such as Carl’s Jr.’s racy “All-Natural” spot for last year’s Super Bowl, tend to score nine percent lower with consumers than those without such undertones. Many brands are more cognizant of the fact that families tend to gather around the TV on game day. Furthermore, none of the ten most-liked Super Bowl ads from 2011 through 2015 use sex as an advertising technique.

Soft and Fuzzy: Research has shown that puppies tug at viewers’ heartstrings most. Go figure, right? Four of the top ten ads include puppies and dogs, while two others rely on similarly adorable animals, such as horses and polar bears, to capture consumers’ attention.

Storytelling: Inspiring and uplifting themes perform well with Super Bowl viewers. This year will be no exception. “Many of these types of ads don’t include direct plugs for their products, opting instead to create an emotional link with people tuning in,” notes CBS News. While consumers might not be called to go out and make a purchase the next day, these types of ads are memorable, making a long-term impact on shoppers.

Alexandra Brazie As the Senior Media Specialist at RMD Advertising, Alexandra Brazie makes meaningful media contacts and positions our food clients in the print, on the screens and on the airwaves that make the biggest impact on their Brand. She loves pitching food, talking about food and eating food. She’s a girl after our hearts!

Buy it now (pretty please).

Buy it now (pretty please).

Super Bowl commercials are the Holy Mecca of advertising. There’s no other venue that displays the most creative – and expensive – spots in the world. The audience demands to be entertained … with humor, with action and with the heart.

For an agency, this pressure for creativity is perhaps the biggest stress point. Why? Sure although it’s football, and the male demographics that go along with it, you can’t forget about talking to more than the traditional male dominated viewer — because today, he’s sitting with his wife that made a killer cheese dip, his mom that loves her favorite television show, grandma that just came from church and the neighbor that loves soccer more than football.

Now go ahead and sell ‘em something for $4 mill … Oh, yeah make them laugh while you’re at it.

RMD Advertising David Ogilvy


David Ogilvy summed up the challenge decades ago. “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” Thanks for the reminder David, and the inspiration day to day.

So try not being so hard on this year’s Super Bowl commercials. … A lot of blood sweat and beer went into every spot.
-Donn D., Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director


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