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How To Stop Thinking Just Anyone Can Represent Your Business in Social Media

How To Stop Thinking Just Anyone Can Represent Your Business in Social Media

SEO OptimizationThe food industry is crowded with brand after brand just trying to make it to the shopping cart of the consumer. What makes a food brand special? What makes you indispensable in the consumer’s mind and heart? An agency that specializes in the food industry has access to knowledge that can propel you forward, putting you in the hands of the perfect consumer for strength and sustainability.

For each brand, their purpose is different. It’s time for you to evaluate (or re-evaluate) yours … and identify the most strategic avenue by which to share it.

The list of impactful social media platforms goes on and on. While a good product is a key to success if consumers don’t know about it, how well can it perform? In the meanwhile, the world is seemingly in tune with the latest social trends. In order to maximize your momentum in this space, there’s something deeper brands should responsibly consider.

The question is, why should you employ the services of an agency to manage your social media instead of that eager new intern or a family member who can’t wait to get their hands on your social accounts?

Instead, consider these four big reasons to rely on an agency to help share your brand’s story and, just as importantly, your purpose:

1. Talking to the consumer and managing crisis.

A series of high-profile food crisis has caused a growing awareness of particularly stubborn pathogens amongst all consumer groups. Both food manufacturing teams and their marketing counterparts have been charged with the daunting task of exemplifying excellence in food safety by incorporating industry best practices, particularly by bolstering their crisis management plans … this is especially necessary in a space as transparent as the social space.

 By fine-tuning a food crisis strategy, your brand can ensure it continues to serve the organization well and protects its public profile while helping to instill trust between the brand and its consumers. Partnering with an agency with a deep knowledge of the industry and a solid track record in times of crisis is an exemplary way to prepare your brand for the unforeseen. In a volatile industry, such as the food industry, your agency partner should realize that food can either nourish us or serve as a toxin. Their work should prepare your brand and protect it accordingly.

2. Strong SEO means big power for your brand.

 Powerful SEO is a must-have today and it can be integrated into your marketing mix seamlessly with the help of an agency. For maximum effectiveness and brand power, your agency partner should be able to incorporate a smart SEO strategy into your day-to-day efforts across social media. One brand, one topic, one voice every day. This is the fastest way to become (and stay) a Love Brand.

3. Posting in your voice, as a friend to the consumer.

As consumers peruse the social space, they’re actively reading messages and posts from their friends. It’s critical that your agency brings them friendly messaging that’s in line with what they’re already expecting to see on that platform, while broadening the conversation to accommodate a variety of subjects that relate to your brand.

Recent research demonstrates that 79 percent of Millennials and 84 percent of other generations prefer brands to let their personalities shine on Facebook, while 51 percent of Millennials and 35 percent of other generations like it on Twitter. Your fans want your brand to tell stories they can relate to, share recipes they can identify with or post articles that highlight how you can add value to their lives. It’s simple, it’s subtle and it’s friendly.

4. Posting on a regular schedule, without being predictable.

Strategically diverse – conversational yet intentional. There’s strategic thought that goes into each post, and the content calendar your agency creates for you is a tool not likely to be found in the hands of a social media team that’s not simultaneously armed with a marketing mindset.

Simple but effective tools built monthly for your company’s unique needs. Important holidays, food celebrations, retailer awareness and more are crafted to be talked about in each month, using a pattern that keeps the message fresh and the user engaged.

It’s easy to have that son or daughter, that cousin, that guy in billings who has an Instagram account, take care of your social media needs. It seems smart and affordable. But when you consider that social media is an advantage medium and your direct connection from your brand to your consumer, you realize your product may be the most important key to your business.

The advantage of daily communication with your consumer is a very close second … and that shouldn’t be in the hands of a single person who has an idea of what they’re doing, or just having fun learning. That should be entrusted to a team of individuals that want the same thing you do: success.

See how we can help you and your brand find just that right here.

Two RMD Social Media Clients Shine In National Spotlight

Two RMD Social Media Clients Shine In National Spotlight

Well, color us proud … thank you, Social Media Today for selecting not one but two of our client social media campaigns to spotlight in your article, 37 Inspiring Ideas to Rock Your Facebook Contest.”  We kinda think you rock, too!  To learn more about our social media efforts for Southern Recipe Pork Rinds and Keystone Meats, give us a call … or read on to see all the excitement.Southern Recipe

Keystone Meats

Secrets to Boosting Your Challenger Food Brand Image on Pinterest

Secrets to Boosting Your Challenger Food Brand Image on Pinterest

While small business are, well, small, they are mighty. They can pack powerful punches behind each media hit or social media post. By leveraging a smart and targeted brand strategy that tells your challenger food brand’s story, you can make yourself heard in the ever-crowded food industry.


Challenger brands need to squeeze every ounce of value out of their social platforms in particular. One platform that has continued to evolve and support brands in a meaningful ways is Pinterest.

Why take advantage of ad-targeting?
In using Pinterest’s updated ad-targeting options, small business owners can better speak to consumers that are most interested in their brands, product or service. Similar to the tools Facebook enlists, brands can now target fans and followers from other social media platforms that overlap their community on Pinterest. Allowing brands to do so puts more power behind each pin.

How to make the most of ad-targeting.
To take advantage of all of the benefits Pinterest has to offer, it is imperative that challenger food brands first understand their consumers. Used largely by millennial moms, Pinterest caters to women between the ages of 15 and 29, 59 percent of which click on pins that lead to educational blog posts and articles. The average pinner is least likely to click on a pin that leads to a brand’s website, which makes Pinterest the optimum social platform to showcase a small business’ expertise in content marketing and use the power of SEO.

How often should challenger food brands post on Pinterest?
How frequently a brand posts on Pinterest should be determined by how engaged its audience is. Posting too often may overwhelm them, while not posting enough may cause them to forget the brand altogether.

Using trial and error, it is important to gauge audience reaction before either increasing or decreasing post frequency. While top brands have noticed their engagement peaks after posting five posts per day, small business owners should consider creating a posting schedule that details just what type of content they’ll post to better keep track of what worked and what didn’t. The first sign that you may want to alter your posting schedule is a drop in audience engagement and/or a loss of followers. In general, the more frequently you post, the more likely it is that your target audience will see your content.

Need to take a step back? Learn how to launch a successful Pinterest in four steps.

Donnelly is a millennial and a food writer based in Columbus, Ohio.  She started writing from a very young age, and her writing skills are a reflection of her passion for food, baking and the creative arts, overall.  She moved to the agency world after a stint as a ballerina.  On her journey, she learned a range of skills, including creative writing, the art of influence in advertising and PR, and how food helps people of differing backgrounds connect on an emotional level.

5 Steps Every Food Brand Should Consider Before Launching A Pinterest Account

5 Steps Every Food Brand Should Consider Before Launching A Pinterest Account

Challenger food brands have the ability to speak directly to their consumers with smart, targeted marketing that ultimately sets them apart from competitors. Their teams, oftentimes smaller and more nimble, are packed with passionate marketers that have the brand’s continuous growth in mind.


For brands that are interested in marketing on Pinterest, their vivacity becomes quite the advantage. So, don’t wait to explore your big ideas and innovations within this social channel!

To jumpstart a successful Pinterest account, challenger food brands should consider five simple steps:

1. Remain brand-centric. From the name of your Pinterest page to the description of each pin, pinners should be able to recognize your images even if they’re not branded. Create and organize your boards based on content that will add value for your audience. For restaurant owners, this may mean creating a board called “How To Host a Restaurant-Style Brunch”.

2. Create a guest pinner board. Allowing your followers to be involved in your boards is a great way for food brands to maximize their relationships with potential and current consumers. Doing so increases your user engagement, makes your followers feel more personally invested in your brand and gives you automatic feedback and insight into the interests and opinions of your audience.

3. Highlight promotions with engaging graphics. Smart-looking graphic coupons are a powerful way to boost their circulation and develop your growing food brand.

4. Consider the fact that custom content typically performs better than digitally created images. Pinterest caters to such organic content, which will shed a brighter light on your brand.

5. Make SEO work for you. Ensure every aspect of your Pinterest account is attracting new consumers, as well as entertaining your current ones. Be sure to include the keywords your brand owns in everything from the title of your boards to their subtitles and the descriptions of your pins.

Once your company dives into the wonderful, consumer-driven platform we call Pinterest, learn how to squeeze every ounce of value out of your social platforms and take the leap to Pinterest ad-targeting!

Donnelly is a millennial and a food writer based in Columbus, Ohio.  She started writing from a very young age, and her writing skills are a reflection of her passion for food, baking and the creative arts, overall.  She moved to the agency world after a stint as a ballerina.  On her journey, she learned a range of skills, including creative writing, the art of influence in advertising and PR, and how food helps people of differing backgrounds connect on an emotional level.

5 ways to grow your food brand on
social media

5 ways to grow your food brand on
social media

Since the beginning of 2014, the amount of active users on social media has increased twelve percent. Similarly, the amount of active social media users on mobile has increased by seven percent. And the average daily use of social media by consumers? It’s increased by two hours and thirteen minutes!


These statistics beg the question: Are you maximizing your food brand’s efforts in the social space?

Consumers are looking for brands they can trust, brands they can feed their families … brands they feel good about supporting.

Speak to your consumers and turn them into brand loyalists with these five tips to growing your brand on social media:

1. Snap away. Take lots of branded photos! Show your fans that there are real people behind your brand. It’s important to share photos (and videos!) that speak to the foodie in us all. Consider things like photo composition and lighting when taking the perfect Instagram-ready photo!

2. Say hello. When your fans wave hello, it’s only polite to wave back! Make sure your consumers know you’re there. With a simple tweet like, “Thanks for the fan love,” you can build lasting relationships like Graeter’s Ice Cream did here on Twitter.

3. Brand you… You know you’re special, so show your consumers what makes you unique! Does your brand boast low calories? Is it nutritionally dense? Is it the first ever (fill in the blank)? Shout it out!

4. Share what makes you different. Be sure to share with your social media audience new and inventive ways to use your product that they may not know about! They’ll be inspired to try each exciting and creative recipe!

5. Be a problem solver. Your consumers are looking for ways to make their lives easier. Cater to their needs and demonstrate that you’re an industry leader. On Facebook, Family Finest is dedicated to serving hhard-workingfamilies who are just looking for new and easy ways to bring everyone together.


Donnelly is a millennial and a food writer based in Columbus, Ohio.  She started writing from a very young age, and her writing skills are a reflection of her passion for food, baking and the creative arts, overall.  She moved to the agency world after a stint as a ballerina.  On her journey, she learned a range of skills, including creative writing, the art of influence in advertising and PR, and how food helps people of differing backgrounds connect on an emotional level.

Google+ Hangout for Rudolph’s Pork Rinds

Google+ Hangout for Rudolph’s Pork Rinds


On the eve of Pork Rind Appreciation Day, we put together a Google+ Hangout with some of our favorite bloggers and the VP of Rudolph Foods, Mark Singleton.

As you can imagine, with a subject as crunchy as pig skins, the conversation was hilariously delicious, and a little bit salty (in a good way).

Check out the whole video below.


Columbus Food Agency
Gets a Taste of Italian

Columbus Food Agency
Gets a Taste of Italian

Fazoli’s Snacks entrusts food brand expert RMD Advertising with new frozen product line.
RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing and emerging food brands, announces the addition of Fazoli’s Snacks to its list of established food clients. Fazoli’s Snacks offers consumers a variety of fast, fun, Italian style frozen appetizers. RMD Advertising will provide Fazoli’s Snacks strategic counsel through an increased focus on public relations, digital marketing and social media to enhance sales and brand awareness.


Serving America premium quality Italian food, fast, fresh and friendly for more than 20 years in more than 217 restaurants in 26 states, Fazoli’s brings the party into the home with a lineup of delicious and unique Italian style frozen appetizers and frozen snacks including: Chicken Alfredo Flatbread, Parmesan Boneless Chicken, Mozzarella Stuffed Mini Breadsticks, Six Cheese Toasted Ravioli and Lasagna Fritta. Frozen quickly to preserve great flavor, Fazoli’s appetizers bring fast, fun Italian style into homes across the Midwest through the convenience of the frozen aisle.

“Fazoli’s Snacks takes the same great-tasting Italian cooked up in the restaurant and brings it inside the home of the consumer,” said Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Brand Strategist of RMD Advertising. “The freezer aisle is home to some great food and we’re excited to help consumers fall in love with this delicious brand.”

Duck Tape, Pork Rinds Partner for Truck Driver Appreciation

Duck Tape, Pork Rinds Partner for Truck Driver Appreciation

PRSA Award Winners!

Rudolph Foods, maker of pork rinds, and long-time agency RMD Advertising teamed up with Shurtape Technologies’ Duck Tape brand to engage truck drivers, increase brand awareness, and drive product sales.

“We celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW), last year on a smaller scale,” explains Amanda Helmstetter, Rudolph Foods’ marketing and innovation manager. “Truck drivers are in and out of our facilities every day, and our products don’t get anywhere without them. We wanted to thank them and step up the campaign a notch this year.”

A contest calling for video, photo, or written responses to the prompt: “Three things I always have in my truck are pork rinds, duck tape, and …..” engaged truckers leading up to NTDAW (September 16-22).

Microsite media and blogger relations, social media outreach, and event attendance also drove awareness and engagement.

Duck Tape promoted the campaign in numerous ways, including on its online properties. Sue Reninger, the agency’s managing partner, explains that Duck Tape generally reaches a younger audience than Rudolph Foods and the partnership really helped extend reach.

A news release announced the campaign to trucking-related trade publications, radio programs, and bloggers in mid-June. Truckers were directly targeted on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as at all Rudolph Foods’ facilities.

Contest entries were accepted during July on the microsite and on Rudolph Foods’ Facebook page.

About 12 truckers and bloggers, various truck stops, and truck driver associations spread the word via tweets and Facebook posts provided by the PR team.

PR team members also promoted the campaign at Ohio truck stops; at the Expedite Expo held July 27-28 in Ohio; and at the Big Iron Classic convention held September 7-8 in Minnesota.

Consumers voted online for their favorite contest submissions between August 1 and September 15. Winners were announced online September 17. The grand prize was a year’s supply of both pork rinds and duck tape and $1,500 cash.

Helmstetter reports sales were up over the course of the campaign (double-digit increases in some categories) compared to the same time last year.

The contest drew more than 600 entries (the goal was 500).

Contest videos drew more than 10,500 views on YouTube alone.

July to September, traffic was up 20% compared to the same months in 2011.

The campaign also generated 836,593 Facebook impressions; more than 1,950 new likes; and 41 media placements (more than 9.2 million impressions). Outlets covering the story included The Dave Nemo Show, Dallas Observer, and RoadKing Magazine.

A “Second Annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day” campaign launched October 1.

Thought Today: Winners are Made Not Born

Thought Today: Winners are Made Not Born

“The great successes of our time are just extraordinary people on whom fate smiled, aren’t they? No. In reality, they’re not. Successful people get where they are by following a strategic plan. They learn what it takes to get ahead. We understand that to build a house it takes a plan, a blueprint. But sometimes we forget that to build a successful life, it also takes a blueprint.” — Niven

I’m partial to this thought, because I’m a brand strategist. But someone asked me today, “what would you do if you were diagnosed with a critical disease?” I knew the answer. I’d dig in, research and build a plan. I think being in the driver’s seat of our life, your career and your happiness is paramount. The option? Playing a victim. This isn’t a role I’ve ever been comfortable with. Live life big friends. Seize the day. — SR Brand Strategist, RMD Advertising

Is There Room for Love in Business?

Is There Room for Love in Business?

In business, yes there is room for love. It’s that simple. It gets masked as respect, especially when you’re working on a high performing, driven team such as RMD. Thank you RMDers for giving me new reasons to respect each of you every day. #Attitude of Gratitude. SR, Brand Strategist






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