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RMD Grows Roster of Blue-Chip Challenger Food Brands

RMD Grows Roster of Blue-Chip Challenger Food Brands

As a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing challenger food brands, RMD has once again grown its client roster. And we’re so proud to have done so!

In an impressive leap of growth, Mad Mini Foods, Agave & Rye Tequila and Bourbon Hall and Hop Scotch Craft Beer and Whiskey have chosen to name RMD as their agency of record – Mad Minis relying on our social and digital marketing, Agave & Rye relying on our public relations and web marketing for a brand refresh, and Hop Scotch relying on our public relations and social media marketing. Each brand, diverse in how it approaches the food industry, is a leader in its niche.

“The addition of Mad Minis, Agave & Rye and Hop Scotch to our portfolio of challenger food brands is exciting. We’re eager to continue to find success for each and watch them grow in unprecedented ways,” shares Sue Reninger, Managing Partner, Client Brand Strategy, RMD Advertising. “We’re super-charged and excited to help make a difference for consumers and guests that interact with these stellar brands!”

An example of custom animation for Hop Scotch’s Instagram feed:

RMD’s ideas address the challenges faced by the agency’s clients with solutions embodying the words smart, creative, sharp, passionate and problem solving.Objectively considered one of the strongest brand-oriented challenger food advertising agencies, the RMD team works to find a better way for clients to relate to their audiences from both emotional and intellectual perspectives. In being determined as an agency within the top 20 performing firms by O’Dwyer’s, RMD’s depth of knowledge within the challenger food category, specifically, separates it from the rest and makes it the ideal partner for each of these stellar brands.

All-Natural Granola Brand and Innovative Food Cooking Show Select RMD as AOR

All-Natural Granola Brand and Innovative Food Cooking Show Select RMD as AOR

RMD client WhirlybirdRMD Advertising, an integrated advertising, brand strategy, social media and public relations agency considered to be an expert in the challenger food brand category, is proud to announce the addition of two new accounts. The agency has partnered with Real Food Real Kitchens, a show that films real people in their kitchens telling stories of their family dishes, and Whirlybird Granola, producer of all-natural, Non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan granola. Under its insightful eye, RMD Advertising will help its new accounts grow awareness and attract consumers through the strategic use of public relations, advertising and marketing.

Real Food Real Kitchens is a cooking series and brand that goes into the kitchens of everyday people and Real Food Real Kitchens selects RMD as their AORtells the story of families’ traditions and recipes. Available on Amazon Prime, the show is the image of authenticity. Whirlybird Granola is an all-natural and healthy-for-you granola brand made by passionate food lovers. The brand offers four delicious flavors of granola made with nuts, seeds and berries in four flavors: original, chocolate, vanilla berry and citrus ginger. RMD Advertising is proud to work with both new clients, proving the versatile and nimble approach the agency takes in the area of food brands. Current clients describe RMD Advertising as a partner with unwavering work ethic and commitment to the food category overall.

“Both Real Food Real Kitchens and Whirlybird Granola are the best at what they do, and we are excited to spread the word about their brand,” shares Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Brand Strategist at RMD Advertising. “We are primed to make deeper connections for them with their respective audiences, and to make great things happen very quickly.”

24 Things We Learned & Loved at Expo West

24 Things We Learned & Loved at Expo West


There was so much to see at Natural Products Expo West this year! From our clients that were exhibiting to the brands that inspired us, we flew home with our heads full of BIG ideas.

This is our 24th anniversary, so in keeping with the theme, we’ll share 24 trends we noticed as we walked the aisles.

Tweet: 24 #food #trends we noticed at #ExpoWest this year. Take a look, #foodies! #food #trends we noticed at #ExpoWest this year. Take a look, #foodies!

1. Keep an eye out for bone broth!

2. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the food industry.

3. The great divide between certifications, such as gluten-free, organic and all-natural, still remains. Consumers have more than ever to decipher as they navigate nutrition.

4. Brands that grow fastest are those that move swiftly and with a great deal of energy.

5. Taste trumps all. All other aspects of a product are irrelevant if it tastes great.

6. The industry grows in direct proportion to America’s love affair with food. We’re entranced with nostalgia and pop culture all at once.

7. Select food brands have become so popular that the entrepreneurs behind the brand name have become celebrities in many respects.

8. The strongest brands are fueled by a food tribe of consumers that love the brand, as well as a team that is passionate about its success.

9. Similar products are saturating the market, the ever-present question is, how do you stand out? Having a unique voice is vital to success right now.

10.Smart on-the-go snacking is still a hot topic as consumers continue to live their busy, fast-paced lifestyles and want healthy options they can feel good about.

11. Transparency is still one of the most important aspects of a product companies continue to feature.

12. In line with the need for transparency is the need for the humane treatment of animals. Consumers continue to be concerned about where their food is coming from. That’s what we like to see! Check out NestFresh for a look at transparency done right.

13. Jerkies, meats and high protein products are still all the rage.

14. Pulses are currently emerging as a hot trend.

15. Interactive marketing had a huge impact on how recognizable a brand was at Expo West.

16. While there were fewer frozen food brands exhibiting, this could be a great opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of frozen food, highlighting freezing as a natural preservative. That’s why we love our frozen food clients, like Mom Made Foods, Tandoor Chef and Graeter’s Ice Cream.

17. Packaging saw a trend towards a clean and modern feel, with a color design of only two to three colors.

18. Clean nutritional panels are a huge draw for today’s health conscious consumers.

19. Candy has expanded to the organic category, offering consumers a new way to indulge.

20. Organic sodas and juices continue to grow in influence, with fruit flavors being the most popular.

21. The granola and energy bar categories are congested. Differentiation in packaging and variety in flavor will likely help it to grow.

22. Dairy brands are focused primarily on yogurt and cheese. However, butter has great potential to take the category by storm … Minerva Dairy, anyone?

23. Digital displays with video – showcasing best practices and sustainability – helped a number of brands find success at Expo West.

24. Healthy snacks for children, with a focus on fun, party packs and small sizes, made headway.

Happy Anniversary RMD!

Happy Anniversary RMD!


March marks RMD Advertising’s 24th anniversary. That’s 24 years of exemplary client service, 24 years of cultivating a culture of intensely passionate, smart-as-a-whip RMD’ers … and 24 years of celebrating the food industry. All month long, we’re shedding a spotlight on what makes RMD great, from the people to our clients.

Tweet: Why do we love #RMD? In honor of our 24th anniversary, here are 24 of our fave things! #AgencyLife do we love #RMD? In honor of our 24th anniversary, here are 24 of our fave things! #AgencyLife

We asked team members to share what makes RMD special, and this is what we heard:

24: “RMD is a culture of learning, of growing and of failing forward. We believe that if you’re not growing, you’re sinking.”

23: “We plank. We host water challenges. We ring the gong. We do what we can to make RMD more than just a place of work!”

22: “We’re smart marketers, constantly sharpening our skills. RMD works hard to deliver the best of the best for our clients – no exceptions.”

21: “We’re experts in our field and know how to put our clients first. This drives us to think harder and smarter each and every day.”

20: “Puppies in the office! Who else can say that?”

19: “We’ve got a great culture!”

18: “RMD works with truly incredible food brands, many of which are family-owned. What a gift to be able to work so closely to people who are passionate about the food business.”

17: “RMD is a team of people who make the environment what it is: Inspiring, enthusiastic and driven.”

16: “To be able to say I am an RMD’er is a point of pride.”

15: “Every day is a celebration. From National Margarita Day to National Toast Day and from Random Acts of Kindness Month to throwing baby showers for a fellow team member, we make the most of it!”

14: “We get to celebrate our amazing clients by eating their delicious food!”

13: “There is great music pumping through the office all the time.”

12: “We focus on taking care of each other and our clients each and every day.”

11: “Working with amazing food brands and becoming experts in our industry as well as theirs is something I am truly proud of.”

10: “Puppies in the office!”

9: “Who else can say they work with the best stress managers in the world? Dogs!”

8: “RMD is part of the Columbus community, embodying its energy and vibrancy!”

7: “We inspire each other to push farther each day. We push past our creative limits for the sake of our clients, whom we love.”

6: “Did we mention the dogs in the office?”

5: “Our clients inspire us to be better marketers, faster marketers, smarter marketers!”

4: “We learn so much from our clients. They’re the reason we push for success and abandon the status quo each and every time.”

3: “Seeing that increase in numbers each month, whether in the social space or in sales, is so gratifying. It’s something that makes RMD standout.”

2: Working with the RMD team is unlike working on any other team I’ve experienced. The commitment to bringing our clients success is at a caliber I am proud to say is not commonplace in our industry.”

1: “Food is our passion and working with so many family-owned brands is a gift I never take for granted. They’re invested in their company and take an incredible amount of pride in the product they put on the shelves. It is a true honor.”

RMD Advertising at The Fancy Food Show

RMD Advertising at The Fancy Food Show


While most are blogging about the trends that grazed this year’s Winter Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, we want to dig a little deeper. Why did those trends make it to the aisles of this food fest, where some of the industry’s most innovative brands make their voices heard?

With more than 1,500 exhibitors from around the world showcasing 80,000 different specialty food and beverages, there were plenty of items for the Specialty Food Association’s Trendspotter Panel to recognize. Take a look at not only what will drive consumers’ purchasing behavior in 2016, but also the “why” behind it.

Making the unfamiliar familiar. Bringing the flavors of the Middle East or Italy home will turn mainstream this year. From chicken nuggets spiced with Indian seasonings to caramels laced with coconut, Americans are bringing ethnic flavors home.

A whopping forty percent of today’s top food trend setters, millennials like to try new kinds of ethnic cuisines and “anything new and different,” compared to 34 percent and 32 percent respectively of Gen X and Boomers combined. Making the unfamiliar familiar is now as easy as tossing Tandoori spices on their favorite foods!


Packing in the protein. Protein has never been more popular. Cricket flour, hemp and plant-based protein all make this nutrient much more obtainable. “Enticed by the promise that it can help you lose weight, get stronger and avoid age-related muscle loss, some 71 percent of consumers say they want more of it in their diets,” notes The Washington Post.

While other diet fads are centered around avoidance and restraint, focusing on protein gives consumers a way to think differently about how to evolve their diets to be healthier.

Roots make a move. Beets, like the ones by Love Beets, are making a comeback and as one of this year’s healthiest vegetables, it has turned into a must-have ingredient. Found as the natural coloring in foods with a bright purple hue and diced, sliced and shredded into meaty plant-based options, they’re versatile! “What seems to have really sparked the beet renaissance is the health-related research on beetroot,” says nutritionist Janet Helm.

Why? Transparency has made consumers ultra-aware of what they are feeding themselves and their families. Turning the spotlight on nature’s bounty is a great way to capture their attention!

We’re loving this year’s biggest food trends as both foodies and as food marketers. So, how will you make the most of them in 2016? Share your faves with us and join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter!

Of course we love National Food Days … doesn’t everyone?

Of course we love National Food Days … doesn’t everyone?

Why we love National Food Days, why some people hate them (psh), and why you should adore them:


August is National Sandwich Month, but don’t think we’re celebrating this yummy month just to perpetuate some obscure marketing gimmick. While it may be an opportunity to highlight all of the best our sandwich-loving clients (like Klosterman Bread, Qrunch Foods, and Panera Bread) have to offer, we’re all about celebrating food!

Sandwiched With Love

Food is love and love is life. It would be a shame to throw away the meaning that we’ve given to our food. Like Peeps on Easter or BBQ on the 4th of July, some foods hold happy memories that make special moments that much more … special!

… And that’s why we’re celebrating National Sandwich Month! Join us!

Donnelly is a millennial and a food writer based in Columbus, Ohio.  She started writing from a very young age, and her writing skills are a reflection of her passion for food, baking and the creative arts, overall.  She moved to the agency world after a stint as a ballerina.  On her journey, she learned a range of skills, including creative writing, the art of influence in advertising and PR, and how food helps people of differing backgrounds connect on an emotional level.

We take not one but two national awards!

We take not one but two national awards!

Thank you Rudolph Foods for believing in strong creative and strategy.

RMD Advertising Receives 2015 Clarion Awards From The Association for Women in Communications


RMD Advertising, an advertising, brand strategy, social media, and public relations agency considered an expert in the food industry, has received two national 2015 Clarion Awards from the Association for Women in Communications. One award went for Rudolph Foods Pork Rind Appreciation Day in the category of Ongoing Public Relations, while the other was for the Dig My Rig contest for Rudolph Foods again in the Special Event category. These awards speak to RMD Advertising’s expertise and excellence in both the food and advertising industries as well as public relations, social media and digital integration.


The Clarion Awards are awarded for excellence in communication. According to the Association for Women in Communications (AWC), the awards are highly sought after by both men and women. Beginning in 1972, the Clarion Awards recognize achievement in 100 categories across the field of communications. This year’s competition included entries from throughout the U.S. and three countries, with 86 awards received. The judges pick one winner for each category and may choose to pick none at all.

“AWC is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.” Earning this type of recognition is a major accomplishment for RMD, further establishing the company as an industry leader.


“We are ecstatic to have won not one but two national Clarion Awards. Recognition on this level for our clients and their work is always worth celebrating,” shares Donn Ditzhazy, Executive Creative Director for RMD Advertising.  “To win at this level, creative, copy, strategy and client have to all work together to communicate and sell. I think it shows just how passionate we are about our clients and the food business overall.”

RMD Advertising’s expertise in the food industry spans more than two decades, and it is constantly striving for client success. The Clarion Awards are an addition to several other awards over the years, including PRism Awards, AIM Awards and Davey Awards. The proof of RMD Advertising’s success is in the way lasting relationships have been built with such brands as Rudolph Foods, Tandoor Chef, Champion Foods, Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program, Panera Bread, and Graeter’s Ice Cream. RMD Advertising plans to continue to further its experience and its expansive industry knowledge to gain success for its clients.

Columbus Advertising Agency Grows with Two Delicious Frozen Food Accounts

Columbus Advertising Agency Grows with Two Delicious Frozen Food Accounts

S&F Foods and Crunchtables join RMD Advertising’s prestigious list of food clients
COLUMBUS, OH (July 7, 2015)RMD Advertising, an advertising, brand strategy, social media, and public relations agency considered an expert in the food industry, has recently added both S&F Foods and Crunchtables to its roster of blue-chip clients. Under the insightful eye of RMD Advertising, both companies, leaders in their respective categories, will now effectively grow their footprints in the frozen food aisle. This level of success will be accomplished through enhanced social media, public relations and creative expertise. RMD will focus on growing the Crunchtables brand overall while striving to increase sales through their strategic work in the social and digital space. Similarly, RMD will work to grow and launch the S&F Foods brand name in social media, the digital space, and through public relations.

S&F Foods is a Michigan-based manufacturer of proprietary, private label and co-pack brands for retail, institutional and school food services. Crunchtables, a Wisconsin-based brand, presents consumers with delicious crouton and pretzel coated vegetable snacks. Distinguished by what current clients describe as unwavering work ethic and commitment to the food category overall, RMD Advertising is proud to work with these two new clients, proving just how versatile and nimble the agency is in each aspect of the food industry.

“Both S&F Foods and Crunchtables are brands we are honored to help grow,” shares Donn Ditzhazy, Managing Partner of RMD Advertising. “These new additions to the RMD roster of clients are sure to stretch our breadth of experience and further establish the agency’s impact within the industry — while proving our passion for growing such strong brands.”

RMD Advertising’s expertise in the food industry spans more than two decades, giving it the right credentials for such unique clients as S&F Foods and Crunchtables. “With a sales driven mind set and the discipline to follow through on each project they adopt, the RMD Advertising team often attracts growing and emerging food focused clients that are passionate about their future,” notes Ditzhazy. The addition of these two companies to their list of clients is a welcomed challenge to which the agency is eager to apply their extensive knowledge of the food industry. The proof of RMD Advertising’s success is in the way lasting relationships have been built with such brands as Rudolph Foods, Tandoor Chef, Champion Foods, Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program, Panera Bread, and Graeter’s Ice Cream. RMD Advertising plans to use its 23 years of experience and its expansive industry knowledge to cultivate strong relationships with both S&F Foods and Crunchtables.


The cold hard facts about marketing the freezer case

The cold hard facts about marketing the freezer case

Being an advertising agency that works exclusively in the emerging and growing food category, we feel it’s important to educate – with passion – the love of food marketing. Because the frozen food category is near and dear to our hearts (it’s easy when you work with Qrunch and Tandoor Chef) we thought you would like to get down to the cold hard facts about the freezer case. Enjoy!

6 reasons to warm up to frozen food with RMD Advertising

Hungry for food brand success

Hungry for food brand success

We at RMD play many different roles when it comes to helping our clients succeed. Whether through social media and media relations, digital advertising and/or brand strategy, we do what it takes to ensure success. Our very own Alexandra (once again) stepped in to talk on air about one of our favorite clients, Hungry Girl pizza. She does a great job bantering with the morning show talent while making you hunger for some healthy pizza. And dare we say … this girl is hungry for our clients’ success? Ok, a bit too far … enjoy the clip!

Hungry for client's success with Hungry Girl Pizza and RMD advertising

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