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Confessions of a First Time Slawsa User

Confessions of a First Time Slawsa User

Only after two short weeks at RMD, and as a recent grad, I quickly realized that what this agency has taught me extends far beyond those realms of what a student can comprehend from inside of the classroom.

From mailmen to new members like myself, anyone who steps foot into this agency can agree that RMD is an agency that truly cares. They care for every member of the RMD team and equally for their clients.s Whether it is wearing client’s T-shirts each Friday or ensuring we test their newest product, it is clearly evident that caring for our clients is a top priority for RMD. This agency does not discriminate between new and old clients, when you’re a member of RMD, you’re family.


Which brings me to my topic of discussion – Slawsa. Slawsa is a new account that we recently won. Before RMD, I was unfamiliar with the product despite the fact it has a large following and appeared on the primetime TV hit Shark Tank. The vibrant yellow condiment interested me. How do I use this?

My first encounter with the brand was nothing out of the ordinary, but transformed me into a believer. Other RMDers are trying out Slawsa in new ways daily. Their enthusiasm for the brand is contagious and it shows through their early dedication to the brand.

Flash-forward to my lunch, I was staring indifferently at my plain turkey sandwich. It was suggested that I add some Slawsa to my sandwich. So I listened, I spooned the Slawsa on top of the lunchmeat, examined it, and closed the face of my sandwich. My first bite of the innovative condiment, was crunchy with a distinctive kick, and a fiesta of salsa dancing with maracas sounded off in my head. It underscored the flavor of the plain turkey and begged, “Daniella! Enjoy this sandwich!!!” But I’m on a diet, as I argued against my taste buds. But behold, it’s healthy! I devoured the rest of my sandwich and included extra scoops of Slawsa in every mouth-watering bite. My first experience was with the Original Flavor, but I am eager to try the Garlic Slawsa on different dishes as well.

My experience with Slawsa and the RMD team’s devotion to the condiment is just one of the many examples of how this agency is committed to caring for clients and incorporating their products into our lives. I look forward to lunch every day, and wear my Slawsa shirt proudly, because I can say how SLAWSOME it is!



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