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How Public Relations Must Change for Food in 2019

How Public Relations Must Change for Food in 2019

Undoubtedly, the way consumers interact with the food industry has changed. However, one constant remains a steadfast pillar: Public and media relations as strategically consistent, credible influences.

Especially where challenger food brands are concerned, the art of communication and building brand relationships between brand and consumer (as well as brand and media) still promotes both authenticity and authority. A one-two punch that, in turn, encourages increased thought leadership. However, while the core purpose of PR remains sound, the strategies many brands rely on continue to evolve. Between new technologies and tools to more efficient avenues of communication, it’s no surprise that this would be the case.  

At the heart of each challenger food brand’s PR engagement is the desire to blow through obscurity, and building credibility is step one. In fact, the key strategies designed to do just that can no longer be siloed, but rather, must be dynamically played off of one another. Full integration is mandatory in 2019, and now is the time to employ a fuller view of Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media and Owned Media.

At the risk of being trampled by competition, challenger food brands can stick to the status quo. But, in the face of industry change and consumers making demands for transparency across all fronts, the New Year must bring PR and media relations that influence both customers and consumers.

Here’s your ticket to making moves that impact your challenger food brand beyond media impressions. Let’s make moves that drives tangible sales:

Paid Media can effectively help to expand your reach and awareness in an ever-crowded space. Paid social, for instance, can necessarily cut through the clutter of a platform that continues to grow competitive. In what Hootsuite has called the “pay-to-play era” on social media, “marketers have increased their social ad budgets (up 32 percent in 2018 alone).”

However, to truly bring paid media opportunities to life, countering them with a strong Earned Media strategy is also key. Where paid media can amplify your message, earned media can bring even greater credibility to it. By partnering with an agency partner that can capture the brand’s voice effectively, there is much greater potential to build consumers trust and ultimately, consumer loyalty.

Meanwhile, Shared Media, encouraging brands to partner with like-minded organizations, is an awareness tactic that we know promotes the growth of all communities involved. Whether through a well-strategized cause campaign or through co-marketing across the social space, shared media presents the unique opportunity to capture a new audience at the start of the sales funnel and quickly carry them through to acquisition.

In providing valuable and relevant content to help fuel strong shared media opportunities, Owned Media is unmatched. Whether a blog post from the brand’s internal team, video, webinars or user-generated content, this is an opportunity for you to drive profound credibility. Working your curated content into a well-rounded strategy that makes the most of each piece will further help to fuel the brand’s success with unprecedented awareness. This is where obscurity can be busted through.

In a fully integrated strategy that relies on each avenue of PR, a brand can strike gold and gain coveted credibility, as well as thought leadership. And, thought leadership, in turn, continues to promote credibility. Using the power behind paid media, earned media, shared media and owned media means making the most of each strategy.

Next Steps

While change can be difficult (and daunting), relying on an agency that loves the challenger food categoryas much as your brand does means it doesn’t need to be. For an exceptional agency partner, changing the way we look at PR shouldn’t take a second thought. It’s all for the sake of the brand. And, just as it always has been, brand is still king.

I’m an RMD’er because …

I’m an RMD’er because …

RMD is an office full of passionate people, creative minds, and intriguing personalities. Like all of those who are truly inspired by their jobs, coming into work each day isn’t a mandate. It’s a necessity.

The word “passion” has been thrown around quite a bit. So much so, in fact, that it has begun to lose its luster. That’s why we’re re-defining it. Right here. Right now.


When we asked RMD’ers to explain why they are in advertising, we got a range of answers. Because we believe we’re all important parts of a greater whole, we make each day count. When it really boils down to it, we’re all here to contribute something that wasn’t there before. We are fueled by the thought that we could brighten one client’s day. We are inspired by the idea that the words we write could help grow a brand. We are passionate about the prospect of our packaging design influencing one consumer to pick up a new product in the grocery store.

So now we ask you. What are you passionate about? What can you contribute to the world today?

We’re in for a Sweet Deal with Graeter’s

We’re in for a Sweet Deal with Graeter’s


Sweet deal
Graeter’s Ice Cream has signed on with Columbus-based RMD Advertising. The agency handles for food-industry companies, including Panera Bread. Graeter’s is headquartered in Cincinnati and has 10 ice cream shops in Columbus and surrounding suburbs.

Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month
with One of Our Favorites!

Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month
with One of Our Favorites!

It’s National Hot Breakfast Month and have we got a treat for you! We’ve got the inspiration (and scones!) you need to break out of the cold cereal habit. This month, make sure rising really does mean shining with one of RMD Advertising’s favorite ways to enjoy breakfast!

Barista Baking Company Blueberry Scones for National Hot Breakfast Month

There are lots of excuses as to why Americans skip what has been coined “the most important meal of the day”. For some, there never seems to be enough time in the mornings. For others, a lack of appetite means reaching straight for the coffee. However, if nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are truly important to you, you need to make a commitment.

Some experts say breakfast has a number of benefits, from jump-starting your metabolism to improving mood. For instance:

A healthy bite to eat when you wake up can give your body the metabolic boost it needs to help you avoid weight gain. “During the night when we’re sleeping, our metabolic rate runs slowly and conservatively, but once we’re awake, our bodies need to speed up and break out of their fasting metabolic state,” Megan Moore, RD, LD, CDE explains.

After all, in a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which examined the diets of 4,218 adults, those that consistently ate breakfast were more likely to have a BMI under 25.

What’s more, breakfast can help stabilize your blood sugar, improve your cognitive ability, enhance your memory, and increase your attention span.

Barista Baking Company Scones in the Dairy Aisle

Do you have a big day planned? No one likes a Hangry Harry so do yourself (and everyone else!) a favor and celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month with these 4 tips:

Time-Saver: Excuse #1? “I don’t have enough time.” Never utter those words again! Barista Baking Company Break & Bake Scones have got that fresh baked-from-scratch taste and the best part is that you don’t have to knead an ounce of dough or fold in a single cup of blueberries. Just preheat, break, bake while you finish blow drying your hair, and enjoy a warm breakfast in minutes.

Coffee House Schm-offee House: So you don’t have the cooking skills of an Iron Chef. Or maybe you do! Whether you’re attempts at baking in the kitchen have been disastrous or downright delightful, chances are you could use a few minutes to yourself. Ditch the coffee house and enjoy a few indulgent moments in the morning with a Barista Baking Company Strawberries & Crème, Orange Cranberry, or even Blueberry scone. It’s the joy of the coffee house without the shouts of “Can I get one Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip?”

Nuts for Nutrition: These Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes by blogger Chocolate Covered Katie are great to make the night before. Just grab one or two and eat them on your commute or at your desk! Add Omega-3 fatty acids like those found in chia seeds and walnuts to help boost brain development or your favorite seasonal berries for an on-the-go breakfast jam packed with vitamin C! It’s a baked cup of nutrition!

Grazing Beauty: If you struggle to find your appetite in the morning. Try grazing. Eating smaller portioned meals throughout the day might make eating breakfast more palatable to you. A handful of granola or a slice of toast topped with sliced avocado is the perfect way to jumpstart your metabolism for the day. Make sure you keep a light snack nearby so that you can reach for it when you’re ready for something a little heartier.

Big TV Hits for our Emerging Food Clients

Big TV Hits for our Emerging Food Clients

We work with food brands that expect their advertising agency to work as hard as they do. We are tenacious when it comes to getting results. We’ve gotten our emerging food clients a ton of media exposure this past year, so we’ve decided to showcase just a few proud moments. We’re talking featured TV segments on the NFL Network, product tasting on The View, not one but two clients on Food Factory, and even a small guest spot on the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting!

If you’re curious on what exposure we can get for your food brand, give us a call … we’d love to talk!

Columbus Advertising Agency’s Website Reinvented to Share Passion for Food, Resources for Food Clients

Columbus Advertising Agency’s Website Reinvented to Share Passion for Food, Resources for Food Clients

RMD Advertising, an Ohio based advertising, brand strategy, social media and public relations agency that is an expert in the food industry, has re-launched its website to better reflect their passion for and intelligence regarding the advertising industry. As the agency serves global and national food brands that are category leaders, this fresh, new look represents their ability to produce successful and engaging work to the highest standards. Live on their website now, it can be seen at

RMD Advertising Agency Website

RMD Advertising’s expertise in the food industry spans more than two decades. Their sales driven mindset is often what attracts growing and continuously emerging food brands. Such lasting relationships as the ones built with Rudolph Foods and Panera Bread are proof of the agency’s ability to successfully connect their clients to consumers. The new website will be used as a central platform tor all industry knowledge, client success and campaigns, and will showcase RMD Advertising’s wealth of knowledge.

RMD Advertising’s new website showcases the creativity and passion they strive to bring to each new challenge. Donn Ditzhazy, managing partner, adds, “RMD is a tight-knit team of go-getters, problem-solvers, and driven minds who believe that we can make a difference every day. The website’s new design lends a fresh perspective to the strategic creative work and dedication we have always been committed to”.

About RMD Advertising and our website

In 2014, RMD Advertising rose to new heights. First and foremost, they grew in the food brand marketing category and consumer packaged goods (CPG) category overall. Their impressive roster of clients, including such prestigious brands as Rudolph Foods, Dei Fratelli, and Bil-Jac dog food, expanded to encompass NestFresh, Fazoli’s Snacks, The Piping Gourmets, and Mikey’s Muffins. Each food brand they acquire is served with every tool at the agency’s disposal – hard-thinking brand strategy, creative traditional and digital marketing, attention-grabbing social media, and ROI-driven public relations

Happy National Popcorn Day!

Happy National Popcorn Day!

January 19 is a very special day. Not only is it forever a day that we can spend a few moments remembering and respecting Dr. Martin Luther King … but it is also National Popcorn Day!
This year, we celebrated with one of our tastiest snack food clients: Gaslamp Popcorn. We blew up the social space, the air space and the shelf space with lots and lots and lots of tasty love being showcased throughout California. Oh happy day, Gaslamp! We love you!

Resolving to Be Well Read

Resolving to Be Well Read

As 2014 comes to a close, we reflect on all that we’ve learned and all that we’ve read throughout the year. After wading through piles of paper, filling our heads with morsels of information on the food business, the agency industry and marketing strategies, we also made time to read a few great books. Some we read twice!

At the same time, we also pushed through a few books that, in our opinion, weren’t worth the read. Here’s our annual “Best Of” list. Hope a few make their way to your must read list. Enjoy!

Books We Couldn’t Live Without
1. Building Relationships that Last a Lifetime (Ron Rice)
2. Business Ground Rules (Tony Jeary and Peter Thomas)
3. The Little Big Things (Tom Peters)
4. Leadership and the Art of the Struggle (Steven Snyder)
5. Pitch Perfect (Bill McGowan)
6. Die Empty (Todd Henry)
7. The Myths of Creativity (David Burkus)


Books We Could Have Passed On
1. Mistakes I Made at Work (Jessica Bacal)
2. David and Goliath (Malcolm Gladwell)
3. Idea Agent (Lina M. Echeverria)
4. Delivering Happiness (Tony Hsieh)

Popeye-Strong Muscles
Brand power comes alive for the NFL and a Foodbank

Popeye-Strong Muscles
Brand power comes alive for the NFL and a Foodbank

RMD-PopeyeSpinach-NFLNetworkAt RMD Advertising, we love it when we secure national media exposure for our food clients.  But, we love it even more when we can tie this hard work into something that benefits those in need even more.  That kind of exposure fulfills our purpose.

Recently, we secured a full 5 minutes on-air with the NFL Network, highlighting Sager’s Creek’s beloved, nostalgic brand, Popeye Spinach.  As the NFL team spoke about “being spinach strong” during football highlights, our client brand, Popeye Spinach, enjoyed some well-deserved limelight. 
But we didn’t stop there.

Popeye donating to LA Foodbank

The Public Relations team at RMD Advertising embraced this as an opportunity to help others.  After the segment was completed, media impressions added up and advertising equivalencies skyrocketed, we helped donate more than 400 cans of this delicious Popeye Spinach superfood to the Los Angeles Food Bank.

We call this being strong for the brands we serve … and for those in need.  Take a look at why we are so proud of Team RMD … rockstar efforts and achievements every day.



The Inner Thoughts of a First Time RMDer.

The Inner Thoughts of a First Time RMDer.

Music, relaxing workspaces, creative rooms, stress relieving dogs and hard working people. All of these things I quickly realized are prevalent throughout RMD everyday. Without previous experience working in an advertising agency, I wasn’t sure what to expect. From an outsider prospective, knowing what goes into the production of a TV show, a radio segment, all social media, and how public relations work, are all things that are not commonly known. At RMD Advertising, you jump right in and I was able to see how a food brand becomes successful through each of these outlets; from the bottom, up.

Learning how a food agency works from the ground up, while working around people at each stage, has led to nothing but success. As the saying goes, “it takes a village”… I have found this adage to be at the heart of RMD. It takes many moving parts and a lot of love to maintain this well-oiled machine we call a food agency. Each person at RMD is very knowledgeable on several aspects of brand strategy, which contributes to this agency’s continued success. The extreme dedication and creativity that goes on inside these workspaces are something that I am very glad to be able to experience.

It is sometimes rare to find a work environment where you truly feel valued, where you know all of your hard work is appreciated and where you are excited to go to everyday. RMD is that rare place. It’s a place where you really can have all of these desired aspects. I have learned so much throughout my seven weeks here and I am excited to see what lies ahead throughout the rest of my internship.

It’s hard to put a number on all of the things that I have learned so far through my time here at RMD, but below are 3 important notes that have stuck.

1. Lean on your team – every person here is willing to help, and wants to see you succeed. I have always been able to go to a team member for anything, such as: support, explanation, encouragement, etc.

2. Take notes – this is crucial with all of the things going on everyday. Not every day is the same, so it is important to understand each piece of work and have something to reference.

3. Believe in the brands – RMD is an agency that truly cares about their clients and its growing and emerging food brands. It is important to understand the history of each and to have a vision for their growth. It is amazing to see, from the ground up, the transition of ideas from creation to completion. There is nothing better than refreshing the browser and seeing content…that I helped create appear for the public to see.

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