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We’ll miss you forever.

We’ll miss you forever.

It’s a sad day at RMD. Our longest tenured team member has died. Some knew her by the title on her business cards Director of Stress Management, others by the inquisitive way she poked her head in the conference room just to make sure the meeting was going okay (and to hopefully grab a bite to eat) and still others knew her simply by her name, Boone. Ever see the bumper sticker that reads Who Saved Who?. That was Boone.

After 14 years there are far too many stories to tell. I can tell you, I believe she taught a lot of people along the way. In her hey day she would give the “Border Collie stare” anytime an unruly sheep (better known as a team member) got too argumentative. Take a lunch and don’t eat at your desk (or I will eat your lunch when you turn your head), stress less love more, step away from the task at hand more often (as you take me outside to get fresh air) and finally the biggest lesson; we should all care for one another because life is way too short. And to all the past RMD interns who lost their lunch from their desk … always remember, you gotta be smarter than the Border Collie to be in advertising. Good bye little girl, we’ll miss you terribly.

– D. Ditzhazy, ECD


Director of Stress Management

Director of Stress Management

Any advertising pro can admit that agency life is fast paced. Between balancing multiple clients to attending meetings and hitting client deadlines, stress can certainly be a byproduct of the business. So how do RMDers manage their daily tasks with ease, while still performing at their best?

Meet Boone, Director of Stress Management. How did a team member of RMD gain such a prestigious title? Well, she wags her tail, trots on four legs, and is always happy to greet you. RMDers are more than equipped to handle stress without a four-legged pal, but a dog’s presence helps facilitate the process. And we love having Boone around.

Having a dog in the office has a number of benefits:

• Decreased stress levels
• Mandated mini breaks, which in turn maintains focus
• Increased happiness, which has been shown to boost productivity
• Increased socialization, which we all need and want

Although Boone doesn’t help RMDers figure out the best way to market pork rinds, or develop new family friendly recipes for canned foods, she is as important as any other two-legged member of the team! The office would not be the same without her, and we thank her for that!


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