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The Art of Stress Management, Agency Style

The Art of Stress Management, Agency Style

We love TedTalks … but this one is especially important. Ten minutes shows you that a healthier way to look at things, and to approach things, might not be a natural born instinct after all. And, in the agency business, where the rubber hits the road nearly every day, a healthy mindset is important.

A couple of points I felt were important that we actually do as an agency:

1. Give gratitude throughout the day – doesn’t have to be huge things, just as long as it comes from the heart.

2. End-of-day “3 good things that happened” – this gives you a positive refection of the day. Every day is a good day in some form or fashion

3. Forgive those that “kick you cat” as Zig Ziglar would say. Don’t let someone taint your day over their bad mood.

Five Business Books You Can’t Live Without (And Two That You Can)

Five Business Books You Can’t Live Without (And Two That You Can)

RMD Top Three Books from 2013
At RMD, lifelong learning is part of our culture. Some of the best lessons come from books that were written decades ago. Others are new and are on the New York Times Best Seller’s List. How do you decide which is worthy of your time and attention? For us, a review from typically yields a trustworthy opinion of the masses.

Below are our recommendations, based on our team reads from 2013. Five books you should read … and two to leave behind. Enjoy!

Best Books

1. It Worked For Me (Colin Powell). A no-nonsense book on leadership that is a must-read for new managers. Audible rating: 4.5 stars
2. The Speed of Trust (Stephen M Covey). A long book, that starts out a bit slow, this read is invaluable for anyone interested in building a stronger team, and earning trust with clients. Audible rating: 4 stars
3. The Happiness Advantage (Shawn Anchor). This was a re-read for many members of our team. Anchor lays out the 7 principles that one needs to live a happy life, research based. Audible rating: 4 stars
4. Entreleadership (Dave Ramsey). Great read for entrepreneurial organizations and entrepreneurs. No nonsense, smart read. Audible rating: 4.6 stars
5. Start with Why (Simon Sinek). A fantastic reminder for all of us to be a little more strategic in our endeavors as marketers. Sinek’s premise helps us all to sharpen our thinking. Audible rating: 4 stars

Leave These Two Behind

1. Silos, Politics and Turf Wars (Patrick Lencioni). We love Patrick, but tried this book a couple of times, and it just didn’t make our beloved list.
2. Great By Choice (Jim Collins). We tried several times. This book, the sequel to Good to Great, just seemed forced, and there were better ways for us to spend our reading/listening time.


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