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Being Thankful and Thoughts
on the PLMA 2013

Being Thankful and Thoughts
on the PLMA 2013

Recently, I’ve found myself overtly grateful for connection and relationships both inside and outside the workplace. I truly believe we are in the relationship business. To be successful, each day we all need to work on our own relationships with each other and our clients to find connectivity at a higher level and serve each other best. I am grateful for sounding boards within my teams, and at home, as well as the ability to collaborate together to find the connection with each team member. I find that we help each other, and clients, best when we feel fully connected to them.

RMD Advertising at PLMA 2013

Tradeshows are a wonderful way to have the opportunity to see clients who we may only have phone calls and Skype appointments with for months at a time. As a business grows, it is an Account Executive’s responsibility to find a connection both with the client each day, as well as to ensure the entire team feels a portion of that. This is a key principle behind working collaboratively together so we can produce the best outcome and results for our clients.

Recently, at PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association), a popular private brands tradeshow, I had the opportunity to reconnect with several clients and simply listen to them about the show. They elaborated on what their best day looks like for the show and how we can help them excel further as a team. It’s critical to embrace time with each client, however, still allow yourself ample time to walk around the showroom and interact with editors, media, partners and additional brands that are making waves in their various categories.

While at the show, I always think it’s best to go in with a plan – including where client’s booths are located, businesses you may want to visit and education sessions available throughout the day that is of interest. For newcomers and seasoned tradeshow veterans, I advise to go to the Keynote breakfast when available, it sets the tone for the day at the show, as well as amps you up for an energetic and thought-filled experience. It’s also a wonderful way to hear new and different speakers about relevant matters that will affect the industry in the months to come.

-Amanda S.,  Account Manager

Lessons from the Front:
Experiences as a RMD Intern

Lessons from the Front:
Experiences as a RMD Intern

Finding any opportunity to gain experience and develop is key to the evaluation of an internship. The first weeks in a new position can be exciting, frightening and stressful all at once. At RMD, the interns jump right into the action! Thankfully, they offer a positive work culture that prioritizes team building and cultivating a friendly, supportive staff that has been key to my swift transition into the company.

RMD SPC Lessons from the front

RMD Advertising has provided an opportunity for me to gain exposure to multiple functions of a full advertising and public relations firm. Since my first week, I have learned media tracking and the process for calculating advertising equivalency, I have authored e-newsletters and developed social media content. In addition to growing my knowledge and skills as a young professional, there are a few bigger things I have learned overall:

1. Maximize your skills – Take the time management skills you learned in college and multiply them in order to meet the demands of the professional world. A day in college is 24 hours. A day in the professional world is 9 to 10 hours. Learning to be more efficient and realistic with my time, as to how long a task will take, has been difficult, frustrating and one of the most important opportunities of my development.

2. Professional teamwork – I’ve grown to appreciate group projects assigned in college because what I learned has translated to the professional work environment I am in today. Learning how my piece of the puzzle affects the team’s success and navigating how best to interact with different individuals in order to complete a task is key part of functioning throughout this internship.

3. Think positive – It’s important to maintain a positive, focused attitude. Each day changes with different challenges, successes, projects and deadlines. I have learned to maintain my positive attitude, keep my spirits up and a focused attitude in order to complete necessary tasks.

RMD Advertising SPC
It is understood that necessary steps need to be taken to move toward your preferred professional position. Each internship provides a unique set of experiences to learn and use in future endeavors. However, as an intern it is typical to be delegated groundwork and secondary responsibilities. I have found, as a purpose driven individual, it is necessary to realize the importance of each task you undertake and remind yourself of how this opportunity will take you one step closer to your goal.

At RMD, no small task is un-important. Each task, each rich experience contributes to my development and takes me a step further along my career path. I am excited to continue excelling in the program and gain further experience that will benefit my development as a young professional.

–Josiah K, Special Projects Coordinator


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