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Buy it now (pretty please).

Buy it now (pretty please).

Super Bowl commercials are the Holy Mecca of advertising. There’s no other venue that displays the most creative – and expensive – spots in the world. The audience demands to be entertained … with humor, with action and with the heart.

For an agency, this pressure for creativity is perhaps the biggest stress point. Why? Sure although it’s football, and the male demographics that go along with it, you can’t forget about talking to more than the traditional male dominated viewer — because today, he’s sitting with his wife that made a killer cheese dip, his mom that loves her favorite television show, grandma that just came from church and the neighbor that loves soccer more than football.

Now go ahead and sell ‘em something for $4 mill … Oh, yeah make them laugh while you’re at it.

RMD Advertising David Ogilvy


David Ogilvy summed up the challenge decades ago. “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” Thanks for the reminder David, and the inspiration day to day.

So try not being so hard on this year’s Super Bowl commercials. … A lot of blood sweat and beer went into every spot.
-Donn D., Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director


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