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Of course we love National Food Days … doesn’t everyone?

Of course we love National Food Days … doesn’t everyone?

Why we love National Food Days, why some people hate them (psh), and why you should adore them:


August is National Sandwich Month, but don’t think we’re celebrating this yummy month just to perpetuate some obscure marketing gimmick. While it may be an opportunity to highlight all of the best our sandwich-loving clients (like Klosterman Bread, Qrunch Foods, and Panera Bread) have to offer, we’re all about celebrating food!

Sandwiched With Love

Food is love and love is life. It would be a shame to throw away the meaning that we’ve given to our food. Like Peeps on Easter or BBQ on the 4th of July, some foods hold happy memories that make special moments that much more … special!

… And that’s why we’re celebrating National Sandwich Month! Join us!

Donnelly is a millennial and a food writer based in Columbus, Ohio.  She started writing from a very young age, and her writing skills are a reflection of her passion for food, baking and the creative arts, overall.  She moved to the agency world after a stint as a ballerina.  On her journey, she learned a range of skills, including creative writing, the art of influence in advertising and PR, and how food helps people of differing backgrounds connect on an emotional level.


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