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We’ll miss you forever.

We’ll miss you forever.

It’s a sad day at RMD. Our longest tenured team member has died. Some knew her by the title on her business cards Director of Stress Management, others by the inquisitive way she poked her head in the conference room just to make sure the meeting was going okay (and to hopefully grab a bite to eat) and still others knew her simply by her name, Boone. Ever see the bumper sticker that reads Who Saved Who?. That was Boone.

After 14 years there are far too many stories to tell. I can tell you, I believe she taught a lot of people along the way. In her hey day she would give the “Border Collie stare” anytime an unruly sheep (better known as a team member) got too argumentative. Take a lunch and don’t eat at your desk (or I will eat your lunch when you turn your head), stress less love more, step away from the task at hand more often (as you take me outside to get fresh air) and finally the biggest lesson; we should all care for one another because life is way too short. And to all the past RMD interns who lost their lunch from their desk … always remember, you gotta be smarter than the Border Collie to be in advertising. Good bye little girl, we’ll miss you terribly.

– D. Ditzhazy, ECD


Condiment Brand Selects Ohio Food Agency

Condiment Brand Selects Ohio Food Agency

Slawsa turns to food brand expert RMD Advertising for continued growth.

RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing emerging food brands, announces the addition of Slawsa to its list of established clients. Slawsa, a producer of a delicious condiment that crosses slaw and salsa, will rely on RMD’s strategic counsel to enhance sales and brand awareness through an increased focus on public relations and social media.
Slawsa is a cabbage based-relish with a salsa twist. The all-natural, gluten-free and fat-free condiment is Ashley Koff, RD approved and holds the world’s leading kosher certification through Orthodox Union. Slawsa offers four bold flavors: Original, Spicy, Garlic and Spicy Garlic. The versatile condiment can be used as a topper for hot dogs and hamburgers, served as a dip or side, or added to recipes such as meatloaf, grilled cheese, baked potatoes and more.

“Slawsa is a hot brand that has emerged as a category changer, giving the food industry something new to talk about,” said Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Brand Strategist of RMD Advertising. “We are thrilled to add Slawsa to our array of emerging food brands and look forward to a “Slawsome” relationship working with their passionate team.”


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