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3 Tips for Newbie Pinners

3 Tips for Newbie Pinners

RMD PinterestLast week we discussed why Pinterest is succeeding in business for its referral rates, consumer interest and targeted market segments. If you’re now considering leaping into this new social network for your company, we have a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Cite your sources.
Whether it’s a company name, url or @ mention. Give credit where credit is due.
2. Avoid self-promotion.
This is a tricky one for marketers looking to promote their clients or products on the platform. The main tip here, be genuine and participate in the community you’re seeking to engage.
3. Check, check & triple check your links.
A big faux pas would be to send your audience to a site or a spam-like link that sends them searching for the content you’ve recommended in the first place. Be responsible and then pin to your hearts content.
4. Collaborate.
Like any social network, interaction is key, but you don’t have to do it alone. Recruit your co-workers to start. Then you will be better equipped to engage consumers by both providing appealing content and sharing novel images or information shared by others.
5. Don’t be all business.
The Pinterest platform is playful and intriguing by nature, so try to mix business and pleasure on the site. Users want to see what is interesting to you and your company, not just pictures of what products you offer. What inspires you?

To bring all of your social media efforts full-circle, sync Pinterest with your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn presences. Add links to the images you share on Pinterest to your products or company website. Want help? That’s what we’re here for, give us a call.

Pinterest Board







– L. Spendiff

Pinning is Winning in Business

Pinning is Winning in Business

Pinterest offers a unique and very visual way of engaging customers. Brands should consider Pinterest as a virtual storefront to showcase their products in ways that are visually appealing to consumers; while providing a permission based forum for opt-in engagement as opposed to in-your-face marketing messages. Pinterest is brand-friendly because it has few barriers to engagement with customers and a fast-evolving sense of community among its users. It is easier to get users hooked with the visual nature of Pinterest, as opposed to a combination of images, text and links found on other social sites.

Die Fratelli Pinterest BoardThe three big reasons to get involved in Pinterest today are referrals, time and market.

1. Pinterest is poised to eclipse Twitter with regard to rates of referral back to the originating website – a great benefit for companies sharing products on the site. This is a remarkable accomplishment in Pinterest’s short existence, as it took Twitter several (hard) years to be as successful with referrals as the big three (Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing).

2. Time is another favorable aspect of Pinterest – users are spending up to three times more time on the site than they do other social networks, including Facebook. If the saying goes something like, “If you build it, then they will come.” Well, if that’s true, Pinterest could be the Field of Dreams for SMOs.

3. The market reach of Pinterest is growing exponentially and the audience is easily identifiable as predominantly female. The network has captured more than 17 million users worldwide according to ComScore and continues to grow in popularity daily.

Although Pinterest does require added time and effort, it gives companies an opportunity to establish an emotional connection with consumers by incorporating engaging visual elements. A picture is saying a lot more than a thousand words on Pinterest for companies that can leverage content and keep consumers absorbed in the their Pinterest boards.

– L. Spendiff

Keep it Simple and Made to Stick

Keep it Simple and Made to Stick

There’s something to be said about keeping it simple. The KISS concept is timeless. Sticking to what your brand represents and nothing more – that’s what Chip and Dan Heath emphasize in their book, Made To Stick. Don’t stray from your message or try to grab attention by making your product into something it is definitely not. A low-cost airline cannot sell luxury. If you sell the freshest red apples, don’t say they taste as good as ripe bananas. Reinforce what your product is and what it provides for your consumers.

Made to Stick BookI’m re-reading, or should I say re-listening to – the Heath brothers, this time with the creative team at RMD. The value in the second run through of this book is new perspective. As an agency, RMD is at a different place that it was the last time I read this, but the messages are just as fundamental for us, sometimes in new ways. I am asking different questions and reflecting on a new set of answers with my team.

Growing emerging food brands is the bread and butter of RMD. Year by year, we consistently improve because we never stop educating ourselves. If you stop learning, you start dying. And that’s the last thing you’ll find happening here.

-D. Ditzhazy, ECD

Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 2

Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 2

Breaking characteristics that will not suit you as a professional is a bridge that we must all cross. Whether it is learning the importance of separation between work and personal life, utilizing the knowledge gained from mistakes, or even agreeing to take on a task that you do not have time to do.

As a new employee or intern you want to give the “wow” factor: to meet every deadline, add value to conversations, and develop positive relationships with your coworkers.

You are provided a variety of opportunities to test your ability to not only meet deadlines but to communicate. Are you the type of person that is on “auto pilot”, running full force at the start of the day? I know I am! Obsessed with perfection and production. Or are you engaged in each task and conversation you have? Striking harmony between focusing on the big picture but also, on each task at hand.

Being on “auto pilot, has the characteristics of being fixated, & not looking at the big picture often causing the small tasks that do not seem to be as important at the time to be forgotten. This is often seen by taking on too many responsibilities causing one to make promises that they are unable to keep. To share with others I have created a list of 5 tips that will help you have a more productive and engaging day.

5 Tips To Shift to a Manual Style Living:

1. Jump Start Your Day
Plan your day the night before & make an intentional plan. Make a list of habits that you will do the next day.

2. Reevaluate your schedule
Take a look at the tasks you want to accomplish & ask yourself, “Is this realistic”? Visualize it, and make it happen!

3. Only Take on As Much as You Can Chew
By making a promise that you do not uphold on you are losing credibility. Often times we are asked to take on more than we can handle. Saying “no” is ok… within reason.

4. Authenticity
Be honest & communicate when you need help or you do not understand.

5. Reflection
Celebrate your successes. Evaluate your day & plan for a better tomorrow


Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 1

Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 1

RMD Heather D

Heather DeSantis

Being an intern at RMD Advertising is an exciting feat. Five days after being here I am not only more “tech savvy” but have began to further develop my skill set of time management.




Journal Priorities

I have learned the importance of prioritizing daily tasks and have been reminded that not everything go

es according to plan. At the start of a day you are presented with a list of tasks to accomplish and all of a sudden you are given a “HOT” task. You must switch gears & focus on that task.

Quick Tips:

1. Turn OFF Social Media Facebook, Twitter, cell phones; anything that will distract you.

2. Play music that is upbeat and fun to keep you energized

3. Figure out a systematic way to stay organized, track your progress, and time spent on each task

4. Take a note pad with you to take notes- ask questions and expectations

5. Focus on each task at hand

6. Celebrate your successes

7. Realize the importance of each task you complete and the integral role for the company

The big picture is this, it takes time to develop new skills and get used to a new environment. Yes, it is imperative that each task you complete you do your best but, finding your personal best in an ad agency takes time. At first it may seem that you have more failures then successes saying “this took me longer than what I thought” or “I have to keep asking for help” it is imperative to not feel defined by the challenges you face.

Stay focused, do your best, & communicate with those around you when help is needed. Realize, that we are our biggest critiques and that your employer wants you to succeed.

Office Space … Literally.

Office Space … Literally.

Sitting in a cubical has never been my idea of a good time – least of all for multiple hours during the day, 5 days during the week. Neon lights, white walls, and water cooler chit-chat with Todd from accounting who can’t remember my last name has an “e” at the end of it. Not what I would call fun, in fact, more like my worst career dream realized.

In my nightmare scenario, everyone would arrive at 8:00 a.m and leave at 5:00 p.m. after a solid, non-communicative workday full of spreadsheets and number crunching. Co-workers were only familiar faces and success was measurable only by how many spreadsheets I compiled in a day.


Thankfully, I found RMD. I like to consider advertising a profound mix of work and pleasure. Here at RMD, I get to use my sparkling people skills, some of what my higher education embarked on me and lots of great dance moves to make the world move just a little bit every day. I get the supreme honor of helping our clients successfully grow their business; while at the same time keeping our internal creativity and innovation flowing.

I’d like to give you guys a little sneak peek into some of the events of RMD … we have dance off’s in the hallway, we run together, walking and cheering count too … even a ‘shot and run’ (tequila is the usual preference) has been known to happen on busy afternoons after meetings have concluded. During the summer, Beer Friday’s are commonplace.

I choose to work where my colleagues can pronounce my name, truly care what I did last weekend, give me hugs when I come back from a vacation day or week and will come to my wedding as guests, not as co-workers.

So despite any gawking mouths and my clearly superior “cupid shuffle” dance moves in the hallway weekly … I call myself lucky every day because this is my job.

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