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Good Enough to Share

Good Enough to Share

At RMD, we’re always learning. Through seminars, webinars, listening and reading. We stumbled across this quick read, and spotted it right away as an opportunity to share an idea or two on how one can work every day to build a personal brand. Tom Peters refers to this as “Brand You”. How do you go about building a stronger, more polished personal brand? Gary Ryan Blair shares not one … But seven ways. And, if you’re interested in investing in 100 Day Challenge, we highly recommend that, as well. Good luck!

RMD Advertising 100 Day Challenge

The following are seven ways to STAND OUT from the crowd and manage
your own personal brand:

1. Question Management:
When someone asks you a question, make sure they get an answer bigger, richer and far more thought provoking than they ever expected.

2. Problem Management:
When someone brings you a problem, bring them a solution that not only solves the problem, but which also delivers an opportunity for them to capitalize on.

3. Project Management:
When someone gives you a project, see to it that they get a plan that is bolder, more ambitious and more detailed than they hoped for.

4. Deadline Management:
When you take on a task, finish it under budget, before deadline, and with a cheerful attitude.

5. Conflict Management:
When a customer has a concern, go the extra mile as a policy, exceed expectations, and blow their mind by your professionalism and responsiveness.

6. Quality Management:
When you do your work, make your name and results synonymous with excellence, consistency, originality, and speed.

7. Meeting Management:
When you participate in a meeting, anticipate questions, come fully prepared, and contribute your ideas with clarity and conviction.

Having a trusted personal brand, or reputation, nets you the same advantages as a company. You’re likely to foster loyalty, be trusted, be forgiven for occasional mistakes, and earn more money, especially if you develop a reputation for delivering insanely good and consistent results. Remember, we all build, manage or destroy our personal brand every day through our character, choices, attitudes and actions.


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