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A Day in the Life of An RMD Intern: Week 4

A Day in the Life of An RMD Intern: Week 4

Experimental Marketing: Friend Your Consumer
Heather DeSantis

The environment of an advertising agency is fast paced, focusing on production & results. Add the focus of emerging food brands and you represent consumers that are constantly marketed through product placement and mass communication.   It is a priority for brands to be on the front line in national publications and TV segments because of the amount of people the advertisement will reach.

In addition, with the ability to use Social Media to market a product, companies are able to spend less money to reach more consumers.  Although, I believe that this is crucial due to the fact that every action of a company needs to have measurable results that are profitable I believe that consumer relations must not be forgotten. A number of ways that a company may create an interactive environment for consumers may include contests or supporting a community initiative. A concept that is often omitted is Experiential Marketing  a concept that AdventResults defines as:

“ Connecting audiences with the authentic nature of a brand through participation in personally relevant, credible and memorable encounters”.

A sobering experience was when I volunteered at such an event. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Celiac Awareness Tour to represent a brand that was gluten free. Before going I knew that the objective was to talk to consumers & to get as many people as we could to sign up for the newsletter. Yes, this was the bottom line but, the conversations that were had with consumers were worth more than any entry form received.

Consumers buy because of name recognition or personal recommendation from a friend. By taking the time to understand an individuals story & realizing the struggles they go through to find quality tasting food that will meet their dietary restrictions I was reminded of the integral role that our product serves on a daily bases.

As companies continue to grow and utilize social media & mass communication to reach their demographics I suggest striking a balance between mass communication and consumer interaction. Companies must not lose sight of their mission and reason they were even established and they must believe that missing an opportunity to interact with consumers is more detrimental than the cost of  a registration fee.

A Day in the Life of An RMD Intern: Week 3

A Day in the Life of An RMD Intern: Week 3

The importance of working in a positive work environment is crucial. Absolutely crucial. Each day we set an expectation for what a successful day will look like:  how many tasks do I need to accomplish, how many e-mails do I need respond to, and will I make time to go to the gym?

That is a great idea but, what happens when life gets in the way. Was your morning delayed because of an accident?  Did you not hear your alarm go off, or are you just feeling “off”?

RMD Advertising Intern Peace of MindUnfortunately, we are all inclined to have factors that get in the way of having our most successful day which ends up impacting our day. This often can be seen as internalizing our mistakes and feeling defined by the setback as it guides our interaction with others.  It is crucial to not let external factors impact your efficiency.

How is this possible one may ask? Take responsibility for all actions and choices that you make.  When it comes to a work environment others are dependent upon you for your production and they unfortunately do not care about the noise that is getting in the way of your success.

Communicate with your supervisor and employees if you are not going to be able to uphold a deadline, take the time to reflect on why you were unable to meet the deadline, and move on. Each day brings new challenges and an opportunity to apply lessons learned.


Here is a list of 5 ways to be Positively Productive:

Gratitude List  starting your day off on a positive note serves as a friendly reminder that life isn’t so crummy after all .

• Reflection is a crucial part of our day. Take time at the end of each day to reflect. What mistakes did I make? How can I do this better? Praise your self for all of the tasks you accomplished!

Company Culture impacts your happiness & productivity level. If being healthy is important to you than find a work environment that believes in that!  Because my co-workers make it a priority to exercise I am reminded the integral importance that fitness plays, not only to fight off the common cold but, to harness positivity.  Even if your work environment is not like this find a friend & hold each other accountable.

Realize some molds are unbreakable and some of our characteristics are inherit. Do you have strong interpersonal skills but, freeze any time you have to do data entry or work with computers? Do not take it personally. Every job provides tasks that you are not necessarily good at  & it serves as an appreciation for what are your true talents.

Morning Madness can make or break a day!   Take time to figure out what it takes to have a successful day. Not everyone is a morning person but, unfortunately the average American begins their day at 8:00 AM. Figure out what you need to do to start off on a great foot.


Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 2

Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 2

Breaking characteristics that will not suit you as a professional is a bridge that we must all cross. Whether it is learning the importance of separation between work and personal life, utilizing the knowledge gained from mistakes, or even agreeing to take on a task that you do not have time to do.

As a new employee or intern you want to give the “wow” factor: to meet every deadline, add value to conversations, and develop positive relationships with your coworkers.

You are provided a variety of opportunities to test your ability to not only meet deadlines but to communicate. Are you the type of person that is on “auto pilot”, running full force at the start of the day? I know I am! Obsessed with perfection and production. Or are you engaged in each task and conversation you have? Striking harmony between focusing on the big picture but also, on each task at hand.

Being on “auto pilot, has the characteristics of being fixated, & not looking at the big picture often causing the small tasks that do not seem to be as important at the time to be forgotten. This is often seen by taking on too many responsibilities causing one to make promises that they are unable to keep. To share with others I have created a list of 5 tips that will help you have a more productive and engaging day.

5 Tips To Shift to a Manual Style Living:

1. Jump Start Your Day
Plan your day the night before & make an intentional plan. Make a list of habits that you will do the next day.

2. Reevaluate your schedule
Take a look at the tasks you want to accomplish & ask yourself, “Is this realistic”? Visualize it, and make it happen!

3. Only Take on As Much as You Can Chew
By making a promise that you do not uphold on you are losing credibility. Often times we are asked to take on more than we can handle. Saying “no” is ok… within reason.

4. Authenticity
Be honest & communicate when you need help or you do not understand.

5. Reflection
Celebrate your successes. Evaluate your day & plan for a better tomorrow


Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 1

Day in the Life of an RMD Intern: Week 1

RMD Heather D

Heather DeSantis

Being an intern at RMD Advertising is an exciting feat. Five days after being here I am not only more “tech savvy” but have began to further develop my skill set of time management.




Journal Priorities

I have learned the importance of prioritizing daily tasks and have been reminded that not everything go

es according to plan. At the start of a day you are presented with a list of tasks to accomplish and all of a sudden you are given a “HOT” task. You must switch gears & focus on that task.

Quick Tips:

1. Turn OFF Social Media Facebook, Twitter, cell phones; anything that will distract you.

2. Play music that is upbeat and fun to keep you energized

3. Figure out a systematic way to stay organized, track your progress, and time spent on each task

4. Take a note pad with you to take notes- ask questions and expectations

5. Focus on each task at hand

6. Celebrate your successes

7. Realize the importance of each task you complete and the integral role for the company

The big picture is this, it takes time to develop new skills and get used to a new environment. Yes, it is imperative that each task you complete you do your best but, finding your personal best in an ad agency takes time. At first it may seem that you have more failures then successes saying “this took me longer than what I thought” or “I have to keep asking for help” it is imperative to not feel defined by the challenges you face.

Stay focused, do your best, & communicate with those around you when help is needed. Realize, that we are our biggest critiques and that your employer wants you to succeed.

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