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5 ways to connect with food consumers on the radio

5 ways to connect with food consumers on the radio


Despite misnomers that radio is a dying medium, 93% of adult consumers tune into the radio each week, according to the Nielsen 2015 Music Report. Are you making your voice heard?

With a broad spectrum of consumers as your captive audience, a CPG brand can make an impact on consumers’ buying patterns and shopping behavior. Taking advantage of valuable learned media and airtime to position yourself as an expert in the food industry as well as a confidant consumers can learn to lean on is critical and smart!

Here are five easy ways to make sure your food brand is connecting with your ideal consumer on the radio.

1. Make it educational.
Among all of the news headlines that bombard consumers from the moment they get out of bed, your radio segment should offer them a break from all of that noise. Whether you’re sharing ways health-conscious families can make an easier transition to gluten-free or tips for hosting the perfect homegating party, give your audience a reason to listen. Make their lives better!

2. Make it timely.
Your advertising agency should be able to expertly tune into today’s timeliest headlines. They are usually a great way to take the nation’s pulse. What do your consumers care about? Does sustainable farming intrigue them? Do non-GMO foods fill their pantries? What inspires their buying decisions? Take a walk in your audience’s shoes to better cater to their wants and needs!

3. Make it simple.
In the age of the “listicle”, an article presented in a numbered or bullet-pointed list, consumers have learned to digest information in bite-sized chunks. Your listeners may be multi-tasking or preoccupied, but make sure you fit into their on-the-go lives. By making sure your radio segment is easily digestible, you can better capture the attention of those who matter most. Your consumers!

4. Make it actionable.
Give listeners a clear way to take action. Once you’ve reeled them in with an interesting segment, don’t let them tune out just before you can plant one final seed: How to find your brand. Now that the consumer sees your product as one to trust, make it easy for them and outline a clear call-to-action (CTA). Often overlooked, CTA’s are the last thing your consumer will hear before they make the decision to support your brand!

5.Make it personality-filled.
The radio is a unique platform in that you must portray the essence of your brand in a short interview or sound clip. Without the help of a visual element, this can sometimes be a challenge. Make sure to represent your product well with excitement and an authoritative voice. Next, match your tone and content to the essence of the Brand. Finally, be descriptive! Direct shoppers where to go once they enter the grocery store. Should they head to the deli section? Or perhaps the snack food aisle? This is a great way to ensure you leave a clear impression on the mind of each listener!

Alexandra Brazie As the Senior Media Specialist at RMD Advertising, Alexandra Brazie makes meaningful media contacts and positions our food clients in the print, on the screens and on the airwaves that make the biggest impact on their Brand. She loves pitching food, talking about food and eating food. She’s a girl after our hearts!

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