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It’s nice to be a niche agency

It’s nice to be a niche agency

NicheMarketingThe advertising agency as we know is changing. As we delve deeper into the digital age, agencies that refuse to adapt to this new era will vanish. Where will this leave us?

With niche branding.

It is for this reason that food brands should put their trust in the agencies that not only house excellent technicians but also foster the growth of strategic marketers and excellent creative. Agencies that specialize in one area rather than a broad range are more nimble, smarter problem-solvers, understand the unique sales climate involved in mass and natural retailer marketing and offer solutions that require an ear that’s tuned to the food industry.

How can you spot a stellar food agency that’s laser-focused on bringing consumers closer to the brand and moving your company towards love mark status? Look for these three key attributes:

Advantage #1: The Niche Advantage

According to William Boydston, VP of content solutions at The List, “A niche agency can offer bleeding-edge solutions to advertisers. Typically small to mid-sized, these agencies are flexible and agile, and they can throw their talent into a problem without a tangle of red tape.” Learn to sort through trends and capitalize on the ones that enhance your brand, all the while staying true to your core mission.

A deep knowledge of the industry and a solid track record in times of crisis can distinguish one agency from another. In a volatile industry, such as the food industry, your agency should realize that food can both nourish and poison. When the ever-changing food industry inevitably shifts, client food brands require a team of smart brand marketers and creative behind you all the way.

Advantage #2: Standout in the Crowd

The food industry is crowded with brand after brand just trying to make it to the tongue of the consumer. What makes a food brand special? What makes you indispensable in the consumer’s mind and heart? An agency that specializes in the food industry has access to knowledge that can propel you forward, putting you in the hands of the perfect consumer for strength and sustainability.

Advantage #3: Sales and Marketing. The Perfect Marriage.

Part of rising above your competitors is understanding how sales and marketing work together.

“Sales no longer controls the flow of information in the buying process — the customer does…One of the most significant consequences of this change is that marketing teams now play an equal role to Sales in new customer acquisition and have a huge and increasing influence on the sales pipeline and the sales outcome,” shares HubSpot, a thought leader in inbound marketing.

This alignment between sales and marketing needs to be managed by an agency highly skilled in both the advertising industry as well as the food industry. With a close eye on your industry, a niche agency will understand your points of pain, exactly how they can help you succeed both on and off the shelf and how to position your brand for future success.


Sue is the head of client brand strategy at RMD, based in Columbus, Ohio.  Her love affair with the agency world and the food industry sprouted at a very young age – and she’s spent nearly three decades working tirelessly to build the client brands she loves. Today, she mostly helps consumers and customers better connect with the nostalgic nature of the food she strategizes for.

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