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Life As An RMD Advertising Intern – Week 3

Life As An RMD Advertising Intern – Week 3

Christine is an intern at RMD Advertising and is in her third week. Having just learned of some personal challenges to confront as well as professional, Christine shares her thoughts/perspectives as seen through the eyes of a growing professional.

This week, I have learned some very important lessons at RMD Advertising. The first of which being that obstacles are bound to pop up, and you need to learn how to overcome these obstacles while moving forward.

Obstacles happen and at times, they are out of your control. As a professional, it’s your job to assess the situation, keep on moving forward, and learn to adapt. When you think of obstacles in a positive manner, it allows for an opportunity to learn and grow from.

This week, I have also really begun to understand the importance of prioritizing tasks. It is imperative to decipher what needs to be done when. Lean on your coworkers for help and help them prioritize the things that are most important in order for them to get their job done.

Lastly, I have learned that it is important to open up and let people help you when necessary. It is okay to ask for help, support (RMD Team), or even just a hug when you need it. In fact, this might just be the key to keeping a positive outlook when your day gets gloomy.

– C. Ernst

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